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DiGi Jualan Terhebat

It’s New Year! Still not quite a good reason to get yourself a new phone?

Well, now with DiGi Jualan Terhebat, you can legitimately talk yourself into getting the favorite phone you have been wishing to get!

Because, DiGi is offering the widest range of FREE smartphones.
Yes, It’s FREE!

With DiGi, you will get a completely FREE smartphones ranging from the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note LTE to Samsung GALAXY Grand Prime, & also the best deals on high performance phones such Xiaomi Mi 3 and Honor 6, when you sign up with a DG SmartPlan.

Let’s have a look at Xiaomi Mi 3 (I have been eye-ing on this for quite some time, heh!)
It’s completely FREE with DiGi Smart Plan 108 or DiGi Smart Plan 148!!!

DG SmartPlan 108 – RM108/month, 5GB, 300 mins & 300 SMS
DG SmartPlan 148 – RM148/month, 6GB, 600 mins & 600 SMS

Enjoy FREE extra 2,400 mins and 2,400 SMS.

Of course, you can choose to start with DG SmartPlan 78, with a monthly commitment as low as RM78/month, comes with 3GB, 100 mins & 100 SMS.

For this, DiGi is giving a great deal too!
Instead of paying RM769 for this, you now only need to pay RM389 to bring this beauty home.

Starting with DG SmartPlan comes with added value, such as Unlimited WhatsApp, Free Norton Security, FREE Deezer (music streaming app) and Unlimited Weekend Calls (between DiGi to DiGi lines).

Awesome? Tempted? But not a DiGi customer yet?
Switch to DiGi now, & you will also get to enjoy extra rebates up to RM200.

For more information, click HERE.


  • memang terbaik Jualan Terhebat drp DiGi ini…semua patut ambil peluang…

  • whoaaaa! it looks so tempting I want one x3

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