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Mother’s Day @ The Zizz

Every year Mother’s Day comes around, and many ask…
“What’s the plan this year?”
“What’s the perfect gift for this woman of my life?”
“Where can I bring her for dinner?”
And, etc.

There’s so much happenings on Mother’s Day, even gifts come in diff shapes and sizes, but most importantly all these have to come from heart.

I guess, we should treat our mom like how we wished to be treated.

As I grown older, I realize how I have never noticed all the love and sense of belonging that I have searching all my life is actually, all along — MY HOME. After a long day at work, it feels so good to just come HOME!

Hence, I promise, one day, I will buy a house and give this woman a HOME, allowing her to be the queen like how she has always treated like a princess.

That being said, when I was scanning through properties, I spotted Divo @ The Zizz. It is located at Damansara North, priced from RM350k onwards with 3-5 rooms. Even better, it is located at only 350m away from MRT2.

Divo @ The Zizz is affordable and strategically located. No doubt, it is a good choice for young buyers or first-time property buyers like me. It will definitely make a perfect fit for small families too!
DIVO_2 5m-x-3m-Backdrop-1 (002)

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All these explained why it is honoured as the property of the month in www.iproperty.com!

Then, I saw there’s FREE pampering session at Divo @ The Zizz sales gallery for all mothers! Hmmm, now that I still cannot afford to buy a house for my mom, a pampering session certainly sounds good.
In a good and pretty environment, the mood and atmosphere sure would be enjoyable for my mom!

I know you are wondering what type of FREE pampering session at Divo @ The Zizz is offering, so here I have list it down for you so that you can bring your mom along too!

1. Spa Party

Special Spa retreat just for our mothers!

Which includes Head, Shoulder and Hand massage, not only that! They provide a basic medicure as well. It will be the best Spa retreat for your mom to relax after doing all the house-work and cooking!

Facial First” will be doing a hand paraffin & skin analysis to guest for free as well!

2. Make-Over & Photoshoot

Time to show our mothers how pretty and beautiful they are and they too can become a model regardless of their age! A pampering session every girl can’t say no to!

3. Family Portrait Photoshoot

My family always take family portraits, but I can’t recall when is the last time I had a proper family portrait with my family, as it is always used taken with phones. This will be a great chance for me to bring my family and get a proper family portrait taken and kept a physical copy of the picture in my house for remembrance!

4. Weight Management Session

Girls being girls are always worried about our weight, this time instead of just worrying, our mothers can have a proper weight management session, consulting the experts. And every mother stands a chance to win a Free voucher give away as well!

5. High Tea

There will be high tea served as well! So while you enjoy the day, you have delicious food to keep you full! The high tea is for all, not just for the mothers.

Not only are there activities and pampering sessions for the mothers only, they have different workshop for the family as well. So that we can learn to pamper our mothers with love this Mothers’ Day!

6. Flower Pop Up Greeting Card Workshop

I think it must have been ages since I last made a physical card for my mom for Mothers’ Day. I remember we used to make it every year back in Kindergarten/Primary school! And I remember how much my mom would love it and keep it until today!

They will be conducting a flower pop up greeting card workshop for all, I think it would be a great time for me to get back to my roots and start making cards for my mom and present to her!

7. Cupcake Decoration Workshop – Conducted by Lepaq Lepaq.

I have always wanted to learn how to decorate a cupcake as it has always looked so effortlessly beautiful! I’m sure going for this workshop and hopefully make a super nice cupcake for mom!

Excited to learn from the best!
WhatsApp-Image-20160429 (1)

With these activities to properly pamper our mothers this Mothers’ Day, I’m sure it will be a memorable and meaningful one!

Not only she will be pampered, she might spot something she really likes at the sales gallery. Which means, I can start working on it earlier, who knows I might be able to surprise her on the next Mother’s Day!

Here are the event details!

  • Date : 8/5/16, Sunday
  • Venue : The Zizz sales gallery @ Damansara North
  • Time : 11am – 4pm
  • Waze: The Zizz Sales Gallery –> CLICK HERE

For more info please visit, their Facebook Page.

Not a bad idea after all huh?
Happy Mother’s Day, lovelies.


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