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Vanilla Memories by Kleenex

I always have a thing for, VANILLA.

When I was a kid, vanilla flavour ice cream is my favourite.

During my primary school days, just like all the others kids, I hated homework. My parents were probably one of the kindest, they hardly scold or punish me for that. But, they struck a deal with me. Whenever I complete my homework, I will be awarded with ice cream, VANILLA ICE CREAM. Now, I grown up as one who seek ice cream reward. Not any other ice cream, only the classic & trusty VANILLA flavour ice cream. :D

When time get tough now, Vanilla ice cream gives me comfort (typical cancerian who are big on comfort, haha). It reminds me how my parents would always think that I am good enough, though they have expectations on me. When I do well, I am rewarded; when I failed, they will always be my greatest pillar of support. Now, as I grown up, Vanilla ice cream comforts me and motivate me to do better.

Guess, that’s why I always have a special feeling for Vanilla.
It reminds me, of, family. :D

Last week, I was invited to Kleenex exclusive premier event together with my bunch of girlfriends.
These beautiful ladies need no introduction.


I have been a loyal user since young, because mom says Kleenex is thicker and softer. And, I wouldn’t think otherwise, as I have truly been pampered by its softness since young. I am very excited for the event, knowing that I am there to discover their new, limited edition facial tissue. Even better, we will be the first to try their newly launched vanilla scent tissue. Yes, VANILLA scent.

Kleenex has previously launched their cherry blossom & rose scent facial tissue, and was loved by many. Hence, I am definitely expecting the vanilla scent facial tissue to be as good, or even better.

The beautiful yellow packaging definitely caught out heart. It is clean and simple, yet not losing the premium touch. Definitely hard to miss.

When I pull it out, the vanilla scent immediately comes to my senses. It reminds me of my favourite vanilla flavour ice cream, and gave the exact same sense of comfort. I couldn’t stop sniffing it from then onwards, haha.

Good one, Kleenex. I didn’t expect facial tissue to give me so much comfort. It reminds me of my family & make me feel so relax.

Having that said, it didn’t lose out on its strength too, it is still the strong & thick Kleenex tissue I know all the time. Now, with the added vanilla, it simply makes the best better.

Experience it on your own. This raya season, let’s celebrate those happy moments, with the sweet scent of Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissues, that has the power to rekindle all those sweet memories.


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