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My car works super hard for me, and definitely reliable to get me to where I need to go all the time. It surely deserves a good care.

I believe all of us love our car, but many of us are unsure of how to take care of our car. Undeniable, there’s heaps of ways to love your car. To me, one of the most important yet easiest way, is to change your car engine oil regularly.


I guess I learned my lesson when my car broke down in the middle of the road once. All because I forgot to get it serviced in time. The little things for your car that you ignore is going to hurt so bad, not just it will rob away your money, it’s going to cost your happiness too! Not to mention that you’re jeopardizing your own safety as well. Definitely, not worth it.
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Good news is, SHELL has recently introduced – SHELL HELIX ENGINE WARRANTY (SHEW).

Just like many of you, car engine maintenance has always been my biggest headache.
My car is on its 5th year now, the engine is no longer under warranty. Hence, if it decided to fail on me, I pretty much need to sell off my car. T.T It has been a real struggle for me because I really love my car, I certainly do not wish the car engine maintenance become the reason of me needing to trade off my car.

I guess that’s why I am so happy when Shell Helix Engine Warranty is introduced! They are the FIRST lubricant manufacturer that offers FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAMME for car owners. This definitely gives me a total peace of mind, knowing that I am protected so long I am using the genuine Shell Helix motor lubricants.

S.H.E.W. is a value-added programme that benefits drivers who choose Shell Helix.

It protects what matters most, for longer, and, best of all, for FREE.
For most Malaysians, that would be their vehicles as they depend on them for mobility.

How to register?
It’s easy & hassle free!

You just need to visit a SHEW authorized workshop, and your mechanic will register you for free or you could also pick up a HX7 or Ultra bottle at Shell’s Petrol stations nationwide to self-register online for FREE through

You’ll be receiving SMS confirmation once you are deemed eligible and they will start sending gentle reminders 1 month before the service is due (now no matter how busy you are, you will not miss an oil change anymore!) You can also call the SHEW hotline at 1800181855 for any breakdown assistance or even to start a claim.

Don’t know if you’re eligible? Just make sure that your car is registered to operate within Malaysia with less than 100,000 km and is less than 8 years old.

With car maintenance made so easy, there’s no excuse for you not to get your car the proper service it deserves. Also, for those who’s going back hometown for Raya, remember to get your car serviced! Trust me, your car will thank you later.


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