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Beauty Bar 24K Gold Face Perfection BEAURA

“Your face looks slimmer!”
“Your face looks more lifted & firmer!”

“Did you lose weight?”

My friends have been questioning me on what did I do to my face. Well, I have been using the Beauty Bar 24K Gold Face Perfection BEAURA for the past one month, day & night!

I have to say, I am very amazed with the result.

This bar works like magic, the 24K gold head releases gold ions for multiple beautifying effects. To be very honest, I was sceptical & doubtful when I was first introduced to this beauty bar. The result is obvious even after the first use.

Alright, a brief-intro about this beauty bar:

It releases gold ions and provides micro-vibration for up to 6000 times per minute which provides enough stimulation to the facial muscles for skin-tightening and lifting-contour effects.

You are a perfect fit for this product, IF you:

– want to look younger!

At my age, skin starts to sag! This beauty bar soothes wrinkles by stimulating the dermis to increase collagen production and replenish lost collagen, improving saggy skin and reducing wrinkles.

The gold ions also synchronizes with the body positive ions to neutralize free radicals, activate and revitalize skin cells for younger-looking skin.

So they say, “our eyes aren’t just a window to the soul; they can also be a tell sign of aging!” Hence, do not forget to anti-age your eyes! This beauty bar also helps to eliminates eye bags effectively to make sure your eyes are looking youthful! Press over it gently for 2-3 seconds, repeatedly to see the eyes bags slowly go off.

– want to achieve a “V” shape face

It activates and revitalizes cells to achieve tightening and lifting effects. This is the main reason it keeps me using religiously!

Though this product also claim to whitens skin by improving the blood circulation, but I have yet to see the obvious result, yet. But… “V” shape face, a definite YES! Especially on days where I have shoot in the morning, I will be using this for at least 20mins before applying make up to get rid of morning puffy face! It flushes water retention away, and gives me a more defined contoured face. My face immediately feels tighter, and it definitely boost my confident!

I also use it together with the FINEST Face Perfection Gold Beauty Gel! It is a moisturizing gel nanoized with concentrated placenta and blended with 24k gold leaf. If you want to use your own lotion, make sure its gel or lotion based (do not use cream!)

It also contains:

Placenta: The amino acid and minerals is effective for firm, tight, and glowing skin.
24k Gold: for skin whitening & collagen generation!
Beauty components of EGF and FGF: helps to fights spots and freckles.

After applying the cream or lotion, gently touch the skin with the beauty bar, move it slowly from the bottom to top to remove the facial fats, restore firmness & to create the “V” shape face. Just 2-3 minutes once in the morning and once at night, super easy! Since it’s also waterproof, can use this while in the shower as well!

It’s not hard to tell how satisfied I am with this beauty bar! Start your beauty journey today with Finest Gold Gel together with the Beaura Beauty Gold Bar and see results in as little as 1 week!

p.s. – beware as there’s a lot of fake product in the market. This product is the authentic made in Japan one with 24k gold! It is only effective if it’s made with pure gold, as only pure gold can adjusts the ‘bioelectric current’ in the human body; and generates an equivalent electric current, energizes the ions, promoting blood circulation and metabolism. It can effectively disinfectant & whiten our skin!

I got my Bar and Gel set from Japan Premium, which carries the Beaura Gold range as part of their exclusive brands from Japan. Use my code (BEAUTZIA) to get RM20 off! They are also running a free shipping and new member campaign!


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