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It’s so SIMPLE

Have you ever been too tired (too drunk) or lazy to remove your make up?

It happens to me all the time, juggling between works, events & parties; I would wear makeup almost every single day of a week late into the night! When I got home, nothing seems to be more important than crashing into my bed. UGHHHHHH.

BUT…. I have got sensitive skin. Not removing make up even for just a night would kill me. Hence, I dragged myself to go through the hell-like make up removing ritual. Removing make up itself already so troublesome, what’s more applying skin care? Life is so hardddddd. T.T

Good news is….. I recently have found myself something for a simple & quick make up removal (+ skin care). *jumping in joy*

Look what came in to my mail box the other day…

It removes makeup without rinsing (yes, it saves all your time!) and yet provides hydration benefits. Unlike the deodorant soap, it cleanses your skin gently without making your skin dry. It actively works to attract and remove make-up and impurities whilst helping to unclog pores supporting skin to breathe. My skin started to feel a lot hydrated and refreshed after using it.

(p.s. – suitable for sensitive skin like mine because there’s NO artificial perfumes, colors or harsh chemicals)

Let’s see how this magical product works!
#1 wet a cotton with generous amount of SIMPLE micellar water.

#2 Swipe the cotton pad on entire face to remove grime. Gently wipe around closed eyes.

#3 YOU ARE DONE! (In less than 2 mins)
No rinsing needed! Even better, it instantly boost your skin hydration by 90%. The Vitamin B3 in it is known to restore, soften and smooth skin. It’s especially great for those with dry skin.

This is definitely something new to me, but I think it really does a pretty decent make up removal job & it won’t leave the skin feeling tight or sticky but clean, refreshed and hydrated. I like it, a lot.

Disclaimer: Do note that I favour light make up (without eyeliner), hence this work perfectly well for me.


I use it when I am extremely tired, with my eyes closed, on my bed! Haha.
It’s the easiest way to make sure I scrub all the make-up off my face.

Seriously, you have no reason to not remove your make up anymore.

If you’re prone to forgetfulness and find that you fall asleep in your makeup regularly, these two are going to do wonders. Because these do not need to be placed in the washroom; just right beside your bed will do. It helps you to remember to wipe off your makeup before bed. Brilliant!

I personally find it very effective & affordable.
For the sake of your skin (& bed time), why not?

It’s available nationwide in all the major pharmacies (caring, Watson, guardian, etc.) for only RM22.90 for each. Just enter code TZIAxSIMPLE to get RM5 off on both the micellar wipes and water from the SIMPLE’s e-store. Hurry up as the promo only last until 2 months from now!

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