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Gaston Luga || my fav. travel backpack

Gaston Luga, is now officially my fav. travel backpack!

I still remember how my hype-beast boyfriend teased me about my aunty-looking backpack during our Phuket trip. I confidently told him all I needed is a functional and practical backpack with a lot of compartments, not necessarily a fashionable one. But, I obviously regretted later on; I literally needed to put my bag away before every single photo, because… well, it’s not too aesthetically pleasing, bahhhh.

Came home, checked my email & saw the collaboration invite from Gaston Luga, a Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Timely, as I really needed a new travel backpack!

I am completely sold the moment I enter their site. All their backpacks are beautiful, and have (more than) sufficient compartments for me to organise all my travel essentials! Everything in the site is beautiful, I had an extremely hard time choosing. After hours, I finally decided to go with the Pråper Black. SY supported my choice as it’s a unisex design, & he could help me carry during our trips together, awww!

[waited (im)patiently for the bag to reach me]

Received the bag after 2 days;
fell in love the moment I laid hand on this classy backpack!

5 things I love about this Gaston Luga Pråper Black Backpack:

1. Adjustable shoulder straps;

2. Sufficient compartments:
Laptop pockets, a few small pocket inside the bag, & an easy-to-access yet safe back pocket for passport/flight tickets.
(oh my, this is brilliant! It saves me from fumbling through my bag looking for my tickets to check in)

3. Adjustable metal hooks, to suits my packing needs.

4. Durable, as it is made of high quality leather and thick canvas.

5. Stylish. Oh yes, this is definitely more than just a perfect travel backpack.
In fact, it’s elegantly designed to be used for every occasion, and to fit every outfit.

In conclusion, Guston Luga’s backpacks are elegant and practical at the same time!

If you would like to own one, do quote <TZIA15>  for any buys in their official website (www.gastonluga.com) for a 15% OFF!

And… it’s always FREE SHIPPING;
you will also get a 20% OFF as tax rebate (from non-EU country) .

Note: The 15% OFF with <TZIA15> is applicable on the remaining price after tax rebate.

Happy shopping!


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