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Embracing HEATINESS, & keep COOL

No doubt that I love my country a lot, but undeniably Malaysia weather is crazily HOT. The over-enthusiastic sun is killing me, I’m literally melting every single second.

I am getting all heated up, and feeling very heaty. Heatiness, is not HOT. Heaty is what the Chinese call 熱氣 “re-qi “which is translated as “heatiness” which is a term widely used exclusively by Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese.

What contributes to HEATINESS?

It can be food- or weather-related. The blazing hot sun is one thing, the other will be the extremely “Heaty” yet irresistible Malaysia food! Food that is typically known as “heaty” will include fried food, food high in fat content and certain fruits such as Durian.

Food I know I shouldn’t be eating too much, but I am loving it & I just can’t stop:

Eating spicy food. Although this may be the last thing you fancy in hot weather, BUT it’s resistible. Would you say no to this bowl of extremely delicious super spicy chili pan mee or a hot plate of nasi lemak ayam goreng with a lot of sambal. Er, I won’t.


Durian, what do you think?
I can finish the whole thing all on my own! Hahaha.

Of course I am aware of how heaty it is, but it tastes really good. It’s my life.

Hence, the body heat.

I live to EAT. I can’t stop eating all these (even under the hot weather);

But I hate the after effects of over-heated (getting all sorts of nonsense from constipation, mouth ulcers, and tickle in throat, nose bleed, chapped lips, to the eyes pimples). It’s torturing.

However, since young, I have never run to doctor to get all these cured.
My mom will always tell me “no worries girl, you are just too Heaty, drink more water.

So, how to cool down?

Traditionally, other than downing me with the plain tasteless water; my mom will cooked me Barley water, or the extremely bitter herbal tea (she always say the more bitter it is, the more cooling it will be, ugh).

Oh, if she didn’t cook herbal tea, she will bring me for GUILINGGAO, without sugar!

While my dad, will suggest me to go for a mug of BEER (with a good pinch of salt).
Well, the iced cold beer generally regarded as cooling. But just a mug will do.

Oh, bitter gourd too is very cooling!
A bowl of bitter gourd clear soup makes everything better!


Well, if you didn’t want to get all tipsy in the afternoon with beer, or getting all bitter with the herbal tea and bitter gourd. You can opt for the NEW MAMEE COOL TEA. (now, that makes life so much easier huh).

Cool Tea is a new Mamee Beverage that has 8 different herbal extracts – liquorice root, lotus leaf, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum flower, selfheal, grosvenor momordica fruit, mulberry leaf and mesona chinensis to help cool down the body.

Cool Tea basically helps for keeping yourself cool during the hot weather and Cool Tea’s ability to combat spicy and heaty food (so now eating nasilemak, chili pan mee, fries or even durian is no longer an issue! Hooray!).


Always, in order to strike a cooling-heatiness balance in the diet, it’s a for sure for us, to have a glass of a cooling drink to go with a plate of heaty food!

Best of all, it’s so convenient that you can just pick it up at any 7 Eleven stores, & get all refreshed to let it run down your throat when you’re feeling the heat.

Guess, this mamee COOL TEA is a “need” for all of us.
To stay cool, follow Cool Tea Facebook and Instagram page to find out more now.

Cheers to Cool Tea.


  • I’m a fan of durian too..haha

  • Awesome pics. Love the food!!!

  • Wow its something new, must grab it at 7E.. since too much benefit for healthy. Good Info. Thanks

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