pc fair

She’ll have to wake up,
he’s just another guy.

My very first time working @ PC fair. good experience and I enjoyed.
It was fun with colleagues-ku yang sangat cute.
Me likey them. ;) & I have got awesome bosses. Edwin, V-tec, and Kevin.

plus plus plus, I enjoy looking at lenglui over they.
so many gorgeous and sexay that make me nose bleed. ngenge.
got to know a few pretties that are surprisingly friendly and sweet.
* I thought all pretty girl are lansi? * and they prove me wrong. teehee.

The only thing that I wasn’t satisfied is that I am the only girl in my booth.
I miss working together with Regina.
Miss gossiping and camwhoring with her during work time.

& Ivan failed in his mission. * inside story*

My job scope.
– give out flyers.
– pull customer.

I have bad hair day.
I don’t know why.
Doesn’t look good in any way.

Bumped into some long lost friends and

The first thing he do when he saw me is giving me bad comments bout how I look that day. tsk.

When I starts to feel boring after a few hours giving out flyers alone, Huisien and Picky came.
Huisien, that pretty woman actually accompany me to give up flyers without pay.

*edwin, you owe her now. nge.*

& picky was all the while standing beside us.
our “manager” huh? supervising us.

Dinner with the two at STARBUCKS.
din’t eat cause all on diet.

the pleasent ones.

thanks GOD she was there.
huisien? me likey.

she is just so chiooo.

another one. credits to Picky.

she actually came.
” tzia, come come”
& took the pic.
I haven’t even ready yet. * was half way laughing*
still, she is a nice girl.

& here’s some photos by one of the photographers.
I don’t look good.

& these photos really motivated me to go on serious diet!!!

& HAZEL, i love your ahem too!
& one from huisien’s blog. I like it.

& slipper, my saviour of the day

last but not least,


my dear MUMMY!!!


daddy mummy look so cute together. ;)

going out for birthday dinner with famly.
then, gonna start my assignments…. sorry, IF i am late meiqi. *bluek*

p/s – forum. *speechless* *smile*
p/p/s – I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE-UP!!!!!!!!!


  • You must be very tired after standing there for the whole day distributing flyers. By the way you are the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen in any exhibition. Your beautiful eyes has killed every man who walked pass you.

  • I miss you too girl!
    But I’ll never work in PC fairs cuz it’s overly crowded. I went once to “survey” the area and I could barely breathe! =/
    Glad you have fun though~ Stay pretty!
    Ps. : you are not fat k. ;)

  • LOL saying sorry to me some more add a ‘bluek’ in the end.

  • hey.. cnt blive still can view tru ur blog.. was browsing to d blogs n found u.. pc fair gal…

  • wow ur unique views goes to 1000 daily? thats crazy… im like not more than 100 de lo :( haha

    I was actually looking for PC Fair jobs too. but its hard to find when u have no where and ntg to start with. ><

    btw, ur photoshoot pictures… @.@" kills me.. hahaha

  • I juz notice your hair looks weird during the fair..I wouldn’t realise if u aren’t mention..

  • hey.. can hv ur mail?

  • working in pc fair is quite tired for u…
    + u had load of assignments need to settle…(after read ur previos blog)

    if u think ur shape need to serious diet, then what about other ppl???

    be confident to urself, and don’t always think about here no good there no good…

    this might affect ur heath of mentality…

    so a better tomorrow will be a better day for u.

  • LOL… That inspired you to go for a diet? =.=”
    Then i beter look at the mirror,seriously Im way more HUGE than you are…lolx(takda insulting aaa)
    Help me to send my regards and wishes your mom happy birthday for me^_^

  • Apparently u become famous after the PC fair. The 1st step to fulfill ur model dream hur?

  • jason – wow, u over praised me. i guess u haven’t see the others yet.

    regina – babe, i want work with you again. next time got job, we work together okie?? i miss u.

    hazuki – haha.

    ptsk – ern. who are you?

    kylie – got chance me, u and regina work together ba. haha. why kill u?

    ni9cholas – super weird lo.

    brianz – yesh. i will be more confident if I were thinner. ;) teehee.

    banana – haha. ok ok.. not need to emphasize takda insulting kua.

    leewl – lol. a dream that will nvr reach la. haha.

  • thanks you for link me up..
    erhm…working at fair really tiring, especially need to stand for a day..
    i been try that before, working in FHM exhibition..
    ar? girl, u are not fat..SERIOUSLY…
    no need to diet.. lolxx

  • wei.. i reckon u don’t diet la. u look really good in ur condition now. i think u wont look prettier if ure thinner.

  • Hmm,because im worried that maybe you might get missunderstood,hohoho…Thats why need to emphasize..^_^

    As Ruki said,you doesn’t really need to go for a diet…
    Seriously,you need no diet for now,furthermore,you looks chubby-ier for now ^_^
    (again,takda insulting,XD)

  • Good lor got a job to pull customer~ easy for u~
    If guy hard lor.. unless to pull auntie auntie XDXDXD
    Nyway, wear heel or sport shoe when work? X3
    And hor.. maybe listen to ur aunt.. make curly hair.. so u can look thinner =D i mean the face~
    U dont say u very fat lar.. real “fatty” like “us” very sad d lor~ T.T

  • hi, cherlin, boon here, like to see ur pic much, kept it up

  • yaya! Agree with yaoyao,real fatty will be sad leh… Im one of them…T.T

  • did u mean the picture that motivated u go diet…

    so juz do it… but don’t over the limit…

  • yaya..agree with yao yao.. fatty will be so sad.. and banana i m one of it… T_T
    how sad~~

  • ruki – haha, i haven reveal that;s why u didn’t see. lol.

    anon – haha, i thought thin will look awesome?

    banana – haha, chubby=fat,lol… that’s why i also sad, cause i m one also.

    yaoyao – wore heels. haha, will do when my hair is longer.

    boon – thanks =)

    brianz – dun worry, i wont go over the limit de.

  • Ruki,3 of us who are the real fatty will be sad laa,
    Tzia,so don’t you said you are fat already…ish ish
    noooo~~chubby means cute for me,
    chubby =/= fat

  • You dont know me but are you “Babe 2” at http://boothbabes.lowyat.net/vote2.php cause I voted for you :D

  • saw u tat day~

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