acceptance of transfer

msn-ed with dragonball till late night yesterday, and still, I got to jump off from bed as early as 7 in the morning. because, I had a breakfast date with my girlfriend, michelle lee tzuann ee. had breakfast with her at old town, taipan. catch up a lil with her. I know we had some problems/misunderstanding before this, I hope, things are fine now. *loves*

when she’s fetching me home, we heard some music coming out from nowhere.

she thought it’s my phone, but no.
she thought it’s the radio, but no.

& this is when she got a lil panic wondering where’s the music from. *note – she’s driving kahjoe’s car.
we thought the car is going to broke down. so, she off the engine, and looked all around.

out of a sudden, she took out some don’t-know-belongs-to-who’s phone from don’t know where.
craps, it’s the phone’s alarm ringing. had a good laugh though.

Then, mom fetched me to campus.
congratulations to me, my request for course transfer has been approved.

paid all the remaining payments, and I am all done.
public relations? yes.

Jeffrey text me when I am on my way home, asked me to accompany him to bukit jalil to look for room to rent as he will start working as soon as he get his results.

Mom said i am allowed to go out only if I agree to learn how to wash my own clothes. hand wash, i mean. so yea, I learned. I was basically multitasking, washing clothed while giving jeffrey the directions to my house.

he is still vain, but, a thoughtful guys he is.

I never know it’s so hard to find a room to rent. went to few places, but he didn’t like it.
so yea, he will be finding again next week. any recommendation for room to rent around technology park?

Then, he decided to bring me for a  movie, angels and demon I suggested, plainly because Adele’s said it sux. yea. weird, i know.

I kept leading him to the wrong directions.
he said he will not trust me and my directions anymore. lol.

so yea, watched angels and demons @ sunway pyramid.
& enjoyed the movie pretty much.

reached home around 8pm, had my dinner.
got in to my room, and dozed off in just awhile, too tired, i supposed. supposed to go out with adele and the rest, but yea, plan canceled which allowed me to have a longer nap.

& gone, I am so energetic after the nap.
It’s going to be a sleepless night again, ugh.

p.s. – again, can i not go to kampar? sigh, wth.

p.p.s. – there’s an elephant and a banana, why is it so that the elephant is not able to eat the banana?

tuning to Paula Deanda feat Baby Bash’s doing too much.

“I am leaving messages and voicemails, telling you I miss you.
baby, am I doing too much?”


  • such a long time i have not been seeing you. looks skinny yea. but still so beautiful. keep yourself healthy yea. miss you..

  • the banana’s plastic.. lol

  • vista commonwealth

  • So you will go there already… then when you going to bring me to eat those nice food….??? XDXDXD

  • Alr read your blog for sometimes ago, honestly, going to Kampar will be your another journey in your life. i know your friends, your everything is in here, well, life goes on, give your life more colours, i am sure you will look different and grow up…cheers

  • hey, ask your friend to try googling on ‘vista komanwel’. Thats how my Godbro got his place.
    Too bad he has got his roommates dy. If not, your friend will surely love to stay there… very happening place. Hehe…

  • because its the elephant’s own “banana” ?!
    angel’s and demons not bad, ur fren tak ada taste lar…hohoho

  • because the banana is fake or elephant is fake or banana is inside the tv

  • kampar Got so bad mer ???
    then what about Semenyih ? >..<

  • PR? Same course with me ^^

  • congrats on the transfer… and you look pretty in the 1st pic…

  • Hey hey long time din chat with u de.going kampar tmr?gd luck and all the best gal.wen u come bac give me a call k?have to study now.im having my exam at 9am later. see ya

  • hmmmm..angles and demons nice har?
    i wan watch it, but they say not nice… =(
    why dunwan go to kampar? miss ur fren at here?

  • Owh…Why you need to learn to hand-wash your own clothes? You don’t have a washing machine at your rented place in Perak?

  • I love your blog,remember to take more photo=)

  • after changing course still have to go kampar? i tot PR still remain in PC block pj? u’ll gonna miss movies like angels and demon at sunway (wei sorry, cant help it to mention it) :p

  • LOL~

    tell you something, but don’t be angry~

    It’s been a long long time that I last check out your blog~and I found so many new post, but I just keep staring at………you in all those photo~LOL~sorry to be a little bit pervert xD~

    anyway I’ll read through your blog later wahaha~and also seems like you do well in modeling and all these social activities sia~and also your exam~keep it up~!!

    take care always~!! stay healthy~


  • u know the good thing abt ur website is
    ur genuine and u say and show what is actually going on in ur life and proud to show it
    not like other bloggers like jamiechin.com, tryin to act d fake life out..

  • seng – if only you wanted to see me.

    wnyken – the banana is fake. =)

    darkjordan – we went, but most of them are renting out the whole unit only.

    huan – come over to kampar. lol.

    kelvin ng – ugh, yea, my EVERYTHING is in subang. i dislike kampar.

    susan – haha, that place is full of students uh? lol.

    destiny – ish you, dirty minded. yea, it’s indeed a good movie.

    jy – i bet you heard of that before. =)

    ~g~ – hmmm, i prefer subang, i would say.

    xiaopei – serious?! then, i might be seeing you there uh?

    cindy – aww, it’s always so sweet of you.

    hau – i m so busy these few days, still, hope you did well in exam. =)

    ruki – yea, friends, family and my EVERYTHING.

    kris – i need to wash my lingerie.

    someone- thanks! glad that you like my blog.

    deadeye – hmm, utar shifted everything. ish you, always mention things like that. =)

    xeon – haha. why so long didn’t drop by?

    a fan – well, jamie blog bout her life too. just maybe, we have a very diff lifestyle. =)

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