Tiger Beer 8888

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Anyone of you has a dream with you that you hope it will be able to come true after collecting all those angpau money? Or maybe, you are not wishing it anymore because you know the angpau money you got will never be enough?

Whatever is it, let me bring you good news. Tiger Beer, the official beer for the Year of the Tiger will be…


… Fulfilling the RM 8,888 worth wishes this year, in the Year of the Tiger!! xD

How to be the lucky one?
Very Easy, just by joining the Tiger Beer and the Nuffnang Run.. :)

Nuffnangers Run To Win Towards The Year Of The Tiger.

Grand Prize – RM8,888 worth of dreams + RM1,888 cash prize
1st Runner Up (Male) –
RM8,888 worth of dreams
1st Runner Up (Female) –
RM8,888 worth of dreams
Awesome, isn’t it?

I guess I will be hearing… “Sigh, I couldn’t run. No hope for me…

Don’t worry if you are not professional runners, there’s more to win on that day.
There’s 10 ang pows containing RM88 each with a six-pack Tiger Beer will be given out to participants of the run for unique accomplishments.

For more info,click here.
& click here to join their Fan page in Facebook.

This is such a good deal, no?
However, this limits to only 88 lucky Nuffnangers.

Yes, only those with the most creative and deserving “My Dream in the Year of the Tiger”
will then be chosen to take part in the Tiger Run!

So, quickly, write an entry and email it to
with your full names and blog permalinks. :)

Good luck, all.

Oh, of course, I will be participating too.
& here goes the entry of mine:

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger is to go on an extraordinary vacation.
I always wanted to go to Bora Bora, the most beautiful Island in the world. But now, I am dying to go to Tokyo Disneyland too. I want to meet Mickey Mouse! FML.

I then came out with a brilliant Idea, which I will be able to have a breathtaking sea side view, also, have the chance to meet my favorite Disney Character, Mickey Mouse.

Yes, I want to go on the Disney Cruise!
It’s so gonna be a whole new experience. xD


There’s a Mickey Mouse Signature Smiling Pool on the deck!
I bet I will be camwhoring more than swimming then. xD

& like what I had mentioned, I will have a chance to meet and greet Mickey Mouse.
I can even bear hug him, like, seriously!

*shyt, I am getting real excited*

The best part is that there will also be a live show at the Walt Disney Theater.

That’s all about it.
I really want to go on the Disney Cruise!!! *big watery eye*



  • waaaaaa! disney cruise!!! i want too T_T

  • Hi friend, awaited return visit to my blog and follow me.. ^_^

  • Wow that cruise looks awesome! I’ll love to go to. Hey, good luck during the run, I’ll be doing it too!

  • Hey Tziaaa,

    May your wish come true soon enough..

  • vvens – ahh, i want the rm8888! so that my wish can come true. * dreaming

    milomen – visited. :)

    Huaibin – seriously?! haha, see you there!!!!

    charles – hopefullyyyyyyyyyyyyy. haha!

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