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Travel with Style

FINALLY, I will be travelling again! Woohoo~

Next stop, TAIWAN.1370098313-1462753925_l

Now I will need to figure out what to wear when I travel!

Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered this fashion app called SHOPPR, to discover and shop similar items from outfits of popular fashion trendsetters.

Here’s some of the traveling in style tips I got:

I started off by [searching with the keyword – #FALL].
& get inspired..

On how to dress for my in-flight with:
– maximum coziness
– awesome first impression when you land (get started right!)

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I always wear all the stuff that didn’t fit into my luggage. Haha.

These oversized blazer looks great, and most importantly it can double as an impromptu blanket!
Warm & cozy yet appears very to be very presentable!

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I am instantly attracted to “How to Pull Off: Korean Fashion“.

Korean Fashion has always been my favorite style, even when I travel.
“Do not feel obligated to change your style because you’re travelling”

– Keep it Simple
– Mix Silhouettes
– Layer, layer, layer

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More Korean #ootd inspiration!

Average low and high temperatures are 13 °C and 17 °C.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to wear multiple layers while traveling. As it sometimes can be really hot (when the sun shines) or sometimes very cold (during the night, the wind can be quite strong).

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Following the [Fashion Trendsetters on Shoppr] for more INSPIRATIONS…

What I learned?

– simplicity beats anything
– jeans/legging is a MUST
– leather jacket OR long coat

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I am surprised how helpful this app can be! So much lovesss.
Hence, I have created an account of my own, hoping to help & inspired others too!

Follow me at: TZIAAA
I will be updating my Taiwan trip #OOTD too! Heh :D

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