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Everyday Make-Up Look

Hi, today I would like to share my #LookOfTheDay.
The contact lens that I am wearing now, & my everyday make up look.

I do not use eye shadow, eye lashes and lipstick on daily basis.
Well, it’s just too hectic to get totally dolled up, every single day. I just do not have the time to do so!

This is how I usually look, when I go to work/casual hang out.
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&; all these can be done in barely 15 mins!

Firstly, contact lens. I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 14. It has became a part of me. & comfort, has always been my main concern as I will be wearing them for at least 8 hours a day.

Now, I am wearing the New AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lenses – Gray.
Comfort, breathability and beauty, all in one.

New silicone hydrogel (SiHy) technology will offer six times more oxygen through the contact lens as compared to conventional color contact lenses on the market

The lenses include an ultra-smooth, permanent plasma surface technology for superior wettability, deposit resistance and consistent comfort from day 1 to day 30. In addition, Alcon has introduced the industry leading 3-in1 COLORBLENDS® technology onto this breathable platform, encapsulating the color within the lens material to reduce friction and enhance eye health. Now you know why I can wear my contact lens all day long without feeling tired.
a (1)

& Here’s my bare face, with only AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lenses.
The 3-in-1 color technology blends beautifully for a completely natural effect.
a (2)

Alright, then let’s get started with my simple everyday make-up.

1) Make up Base – SOFINA Primavista Ange Long Keep UV Base

I bought this during my trip to Taiwan. I bought 5 tubes in a row after hearing tons of good review about this product. & I love it on my first try, it controls shine ALL DAY. Hello. We lives in Malaysia, it’s so hot & humid, but oh boy, it works so well! My all-time favourite primer/ base!

Honestly, I can’t live without it! It actually allows me to go through long hour of work days, keeping oil at bay, leaving my makeup fresh!
a (3)

2) Concealer – NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer – Custard

There’s 10 colours to choose, I chose Custard (yellow tone for light to medium complexion), & it’s fabulous! It’s amazing how it’s so light, yet it covers so well. Just a few strokes, & it works like magic. Skin instantly became visibly smooth, & very even-toned, creating a natural luminous finish. Perfect coverage to cover up redness & my dark eye circle. It’s long lasting too (I wear makeup at least 8 hours a day)
a (4)

I have scarred acne skin, & with this, it coats almost any imperfection on my skin extremely well.
Tell me how I am supposed to live without it.

Looks good even when, bare.
a (5)

a (6)

3) Solone Moisturizing and Concealing Foundation – Ivory

Another random buy during my trip to Taiwan, & fell in love. I replaced this with my Chanel compact powder. It serves as a sunscreen, concealer, oil controller, & pore refiner. Ultra-fine powder formula that provides a flawless coverage.

a (9)


4) Canmake nose shadow powder

You probably wouldn’t have time for heavy contouring on your everyday make-up, but a little shading & highlighting on your nose helps to 3D-fied your whole look.

I love this one because the shading powder is pretty subtle, not to dark.
Easily blend, & very natural looking!

a (7)
A simple step to makes your nose look better-defined.

a (8)

5) Canmake The Glow Fleur Cheeks.

For everyday make up, you need a blusher that makes your skin glow naturally! You wouldn’t want a monkey ass cheeks eh. I chose this because it’s rather orangy than red, has a combination of warm & cold colours, & blends extremely well.

When apply, it looks very natural as the colour is so subtle.
It is not cakey/powdery, though it’s a powder based blusher.
a (10)

Smile, & apply in circular motions on the apples of your cheeks.
& there goes a delicate flush of a healthy-looking cheeks!
b (1)

6) CyberColor eyebrow shaping kit

Eyebrow is one of the most important part of my everyday make-up routine. If you screwed it up, you basically ruined the whole look. & it used to takes most of my time when doing my makeup. But, not anymore after I had my eyebrow embroidery done.

Now, it just need to fill some color in to make it look fuller, & more defined.
b (2)

I would normally use the middle color to draw the shape of my brow (so much easier after embroidery), I just have to draw accordingly.
b (3)

Then match the color of your filler to your natural hair color.
I am using the darkest color as I have dark brown hair.
b (5)

Lastly, brush through your brows. This will remove the excess color and distribute it evenly in your hair lines. Giving it a rather natural looking brows.
b (6)

7) Solone Eyeliner – Rose Garden Series (Black)

Also a purchase from Taiwan. This is no joke sweat proof & waterproof.
It can last you the whole day!

(p.s. I really like my AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lens, it enhances your eyes so well that it looks so naturally beautiful even without eye makeup.)
b (8)

I use this pencil eyeliner as an inner-eyeliner. Easy to apply (it really clings to the inner rim of the eye), & doesn’t smudge. Inner-eyeliner, a MUST-do to make your eyes appear larger, & never too heavy.
b (9)

8) Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner – Deep Black

Liquid liner never failed to create a precise line. I use this draw a tail connecting to my inner eyeliner. I have been using this brand for years, because it’s truly BLACK & it has such a tiny tip that can I can draw a slim pointed wing nicely.

This has really been quite a perfect eyeliner for me.
b (10)

9) Super Model Mascara

My most satisfying buy from Bangkok, Thailand. This magical mascara cost me only 150baht!

& the result is so darn good! It has for sure became my absolute favourite mascara. It stays on, defines and coats my lashes beautifully, give that fanned-out look that’s perfect for daily wear, and filled up my lashes, the way no other mascara can.
c (1)

How to use?

First, apply 2 layer of EXTENSION by using the “Black” brush, gently apply from the roots using upward movement. By now you should be able to see a longer lashes!
c (2)

Then, apply 1 layer of Lash Fibre, give your lashes some dept and volume, with zero caking. It gives you a false lash-like effect.
c (3)

Then, using the “Black” brush, moves in zig-zag movement, to evenly to cover the white fibre.
There goes a 4 times longer & thicker lashes, effecting in a bigger looking eyes.

Tadah, eye make up completed! A quick & easy step in the morning that makes such a difference. Simple, yet beautiful and totally realistic. This is what I wear on my eyes on daily basis.

I will always complete my eye make-up with New AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lenses. It’s an easy way to add a little color to your look everyday! “Stunning eye color now feels as good as it looks!”

Features 9 natural-looking colors (blue, brilliant blue, gray, sterling gray, green, gemstone green, pure hazel, honey, & brown) from subtle to vibrant, for vision correction and non-prescription strength.
c (4)

10) Chulips Lips Balm – Arabian Floral Shower (Rose, geranium & clove)

The chio bright colors egg shaped packaging caught my attention at the very first place, then I am attracted to its smell. It smells amazing, when apply, you can actually smells the subtle floral scent.

I don’t usually put lipsticks on normal days, but lip balm is a must. My lips is dry due to the wearing of invisalign, with this, it’s softer and no longer chapped! All of the Chulips contain olive oil, macadamia nut oil and rose hip oil for healthy & moisture lips.

There you go a natural looking kissable lips! Haha!
c (5)

Final look!

What do you do to get off a good start?
What is your type of morning routine?

I would definitely take 1min to put on my favourite AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lens, and 15mins to do my simple everyday make up to look all good & confident for the good mojo to start the day!

As the world leader in eye care, and the second largest division of the Novartis Group, Alcon Vision Care is committed to advancing innovation and addressing unmet patient needs for patients around the world. For more information and queries, you may contact Alcon at +603 7880 0650.

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That’s all for now.
Cheers! ❤

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