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polka dotish

i bought this polka dot dress from Forever21 some time ago. cute max!
i would look like a mini mouse IF i tied two buns on my head.

however, i SOLD it.

because it’s too big for me. T.T


Since then, I have been searching for another polka dot dress to replace that pre-loved of mine.
sadly, it’s either doesn’t fit me well, costly, or it just doesn’t looks good on me.

until, the other day, when I open the parcel of clothes boogee-boogey sent me for review…. :)
i saw this black-white polka dots dress which successfully caught all my attention.

♥ ♥ ♥


It’s short, and very body hugging.
cute sexy max!


i am loving the bow at the back of the dress.
showing off the sexay back! woots!


the only thing is that the fabric use is a little thin. ;(
still, i have to say, it really looks good on me. *blushed*

go to boogee-boogey to have a look!


pretty things make me happy!
so do BB.

did you people noticed i have been tweeting more than i usually do? hee!



yes, i bought my very first Blackberry, Blackberry Curve 8520 right after i got my pay cheque from nuffnang!

baby got a BB together with me too!
BBM rocks! 


sadly, my boyfriend is the only contact i have in my BBM currently. :(
i am trying hard to psycho both Shinyee and Melanie, the Iphone fans to get themselves a BB!

bless me. =)


  • BB!!!!how much is yours ar?

  • you look soooo sweet in straight hair, seriously :)
    any secret to your hot body ah ? :D
    anyway. polka dots rock !

  • monnie – rm1050. :)

    freda – really?! aww. thanks! uh, i would love to share. but i really don’t know how. :( sorry!

  • Babe ,you look really really good in straight hair~!

    and I agree with Freda, you should post up tips for maintaining your great body..or any diet tips?

  • Huhu.. I want a BB too..

  • sarah – thanks!!! ♥♥♥ ahhh. i really don’t know. maybe i should ask my mom what she fed me when i am young. :)

    xiaopei – get one!

  • That dress looks great on you,nice :)

  • orh? RM1K+50 only? O.O
    not expensive as i thought!

    like this post!
    cute, nice, sexy pics yea !

  • shermaine – aww! thanks, girl!

    tracy – yea! i got it with a cheaper price. :) thank you thank you! :) :) :)

  • I like this dress too! tzia, envy your hot body ..stay pretty :) and I like ur silky black hair

  • You have a great body and look awesome with straight hair..

  • jorene – hehe. get it from boogee boogey, you’ll love it!! :) aww. thanks! ^^

    julie – guess you people all prefer me in straight hair more. haha! :) thanksssss! ^^

  • Would you mind to tell me how much did you get from nuffnang?

  • michelle – few hundreds for an advert? :)

  • tziaa .. ask ur iphone frens like shinyeee to get whatsapp n then she can bbm to u d

    I also on blackberry…using bold 9700 XD

  • eklern – one tak guna data plan, one planning to get buy haven’t get. how?

  • chat wit me 1st on bbm while wait them use data plan lol

  • Come Add Me in ya BBM!! Lol!!

  • eklern – haha! apa pin?

    bobby – uh. you are?

  • I do blog but I dont know how to use nuffnag ? How it works ?

  • i hope this help, http://www.nuffnang.com.my/blogger-faq/ . :)

  • BBM – 21C7F4DD

  • Woots. Add me in BBM la. haha :)

  • Does BBM requires internet connection?

  • Hey! What’s your bb pin?!

  • Heyy, I saw someone used your photo at the haute couture wor.. =/

  • jasmine – uh? got link?

  • http://the-hautecouture-shop.blogspot.com/ [just keep scrolling down]

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