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McDowell No.1 Friendship Nights

May; life has been cruelly hectic for me.
I hardly have time to catch a breathe; & struggling really hard to find time for my friends.

God probably heard my prayers, & gave me an opportunity to bring my friends together.

So, it’s McDowell No.1 Friendship Nights @ Malt & Leaf, The Roof.
I’m really glad that I was invited to this event, dedicated to celebrate friendship. How LUCKY. ♡

with babe Melissa.

McDowell’s No. 1 is also known as “The No.1 spirit of friendship“, strives to bring friends together. The brand makes the beautiful moments spent with friends even more special with a pocket friendly price, premium quality whisky.

Best served on the rock. **wink

The best kind of relationship is when they’re not only your lover, but your bestfriend too.
I love being in love with my best friend. (:

My best friend whom I laugh with, live for, & love unconditionally.

With our best friends, that have literally been through the thick & thin with us.
James & Darel.

Its the friends that you can call up on 3am that matter. James always call himself my personal uber because he’s there to fetch me around, whenever I need, whenever he can; even on 3am! Thank you for being such a great friend to me!

Hey you! I may be clueless & clumsy (most of the time).
But, I can; simply because I have amazing friends who love me & protect me! *lovessss

Free flow of McDowell’s No. 1 whisky, breathtaking roof-top night view, good music, and awesome companions;
Ahhh, Ideal life. (:

Years from now I wish we’re still in each other life; cheers to, FRIENDSHIP.

Joey G, shared some of his happiest moments with his old friends.

How about you?
Who are the best friend who has been there to live through the best stories of your life with you?

My colleagues;
Aaron, Sean & Olivia.

They are the real party people.
Work hard, & party even harder. Haha.

Gorgeous ladies;
sizzling hot nerd, Jazel & the lovely Olivia.


Did I mentioned that they served really good dessert too? Hehe.

Bumped into old friends in the party.
High school mate, nicholas.

& old times party kaki, Chung.

I didn’t manage to take a lot of photo that night because I was too busy catching up with my friends. But overall, it was a good night. Big thanks to McDowell No.1 for organizing this!

Everything is better when you are with your best friends, & a glass of McDowell No.1.

That’s all for today!

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