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have been restocking quite an amount of new clothes lately.
& most of them are from TeeToo. thanks to the pycho-er, shinyeee. *smile*

this is the one piece that i like a lot.


Wore it to St.Patricks day party the other day.

It was fun, and filled with laughter, of course. hearts the comedy show heaps.
having the best companion, Adelechow, along, make things even better.

nop, i am not going to blog more about it cause I don’t have any “proper” photo with me.
this is one photo i stole from Superwilson‘s blog.


I was busy capturing photos using my BB, and did a few live tweets.
so yea, I abandoned my camera. *guilty* :/

Adelechow now called me a BB addict.


Heels from boogee-boogey.
comfortable much.


& Adelechow was basically tied up with my Camera.
She said my camera is magical, it makes her looks good in every photo. =.=


she loves my camera, she loves my BB.
but she loves me more than all those. yeay!


Sent Adele back after the event,  then headed over to Laundry Bar, The Curve to have dinner with the boyfriend.

Spaghetti Lasagne, our favorite.
we have got different view towards so many things, but never when it comes to food.

i you, boyfriend. hee!


mussels mussels mussels.


oh, we went another pair of lovey-dovey couple, Brian and Khaikhai.

look at the amount of mussels we ordered.

& I didn’t know Virgin Marie tastes that bad till that night!
I did not tried, but i can “taste” it from the facial expression of each and every one of them. lol.


Had a great night that day.



  • wow,nice pic of you & ur bestie adele … & of coz you & ur bf =)

    stay happy =)

  • hey, mind to tell me what’s so good about your BB???

    curious… ^^

  • tzia, mind to tell me did you sign up any plan (maxis/digi) for your bb? hehe.. and i like your one-piece. sexy~

  • Go yumchar if you are in Cheras!

  • so much fun !

    btw,the last pic of your friend freak me out.
    he looked like MA DE ZHONG ler.haha

  • tracy – yea. i like the pic of my and adele. :) hee!

    steph – ern. convenient? ^^

    jorene – haha. thanks!! i signed up for the DiGi Blackberry Smart Plan. ;) it’s good!

    superwilson – u from cheras geh?

    caihong – hahaha. srsly??!!! lol!!!

  • love teetoo too :D
    and love your makeup simple and not dramatic =)
    stay pretty !

  • but tzia sign up to bb curve..

    BB BOLD 9700 better XD

  • freda – ahh *high 5* haha. i suck in make up, that’s the only thing u know how to do. haha.

    eklern – manyak exp leh!

  • hello.. can please upload some of your pictures taken with your bb?

  • Hi, may I ask, where did you get your blackberry cover? :)

  • I want your camera too!! Arggggghhh

  • it’s been awhile since i last drop by here
    HEY, ur hair’s straighten again! u look much better now :p

  • chingyin – you can check it out from my twitpic. :)

    shannon – from sunway. :)

    charles – haha. why?! lol.

    dead eye – ahh. you too prefer me in straight hair. haha.

  • haha always, u look much better with straight hair
    guess ur guy agree with me? haha

  • this world is so small. You know Yee Khai too uh? =D

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