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Kaspersky (pc fair)

Worked for Kaspersky at PC Fair was sort of a last minute thing. Last minute as in, I only know that I will be working ONE DAY before I start working. Lol. Kaspersky people have been treating me so nice all these while, how could I say no?

& here are some of my fav. photos by some of the photographers. Thank you for the photos!

Kaspersky Pure.


working with the awesome beautiful chics was the best thing.


Christine, which looks a lot like a beautiful old friend of mine.
she loves camwhoring as much as I do. weeee~



Fionn Shiqi. I love her wig-look-alike hair, and of course, I love her too!
She is so sweet, I really enjoy talking to her.



Supposingly, there’s another girl working together we us.
she left, due to some personal reasons.

No, no, we didn’t bully her. *innocent face


Our job was to show-off the new Kaspersky Pure and to pose when there’s photographers.
Funny enough, people actually got shocked when we move after standing still for a few seconds. They thought we were the mannequin. haha.

There’s so many photographers, and the 3 of us so happened to look at the different direction at one moment of time.


Me posing with.. er.. I don’t know what’s that called. *smack forehead
They told me that the price of the yellow thingy on my right was equivalent to the price of a Myvi, crazy! @@


On the second day, I sprained my knee. It was really bad ( i couldn’t even walk like normal, gosh ) till I cried in pain. Kaspersky people was so caring, and they were also nice enough to get me some pain relief spray thingy hoping that I will get better. The girls were thoughtful too.

Back home, mummy got me ice bags and medicine. I guess I wouldn’t be able to work on the next day if it isn’t because of that. thank you, mummy!

I feel very blessed thought I was in pain.

I love this job though the pay wasn’t that satisfying, because I don’t even feel like I am working. I had fun, fooling around and camwhoring with these pretty girls.


p.s. – a big big thanks to the boyfriend for fetching me there and back. Also, for the awesome dinners.

p.p.s. – oh, I have got a new pendrive! boyfriend got be a chio pendrive from PC Fair while waiting for me.



  • nice wedges! and you look great with this new hairdo ;)

  • janice – ahh! thanks a lot! :)

  • the length of ur wedges jz suit u, before this was too short, haha!

  • so many camera u will feel like celebrity ma.. haha

  • june – huh? @@

    saimatkong – i prefer one by one leh! if not a lot of it confirm not nice jor geh! angle marr. haha!

  • Sadly didn’t go…
    You looked great~

  • dsvt – how come didn’t go de? thanks! :)

  • pretty

  • by the way how did you get this kind of job?

  • tziaaa, u reli looks great in all those photos!
    btw, i really super duper jealous your nice body figure!!! <3

  • joy – thanks! oh, i worked for kaspersky for their events for a few times already. so, they actually just called me up and ask whether if i am interested.

    tracy – aww! thanks, girl! haha, nahhhh, envy those girls beside me. :)

  • eh, another question

    what hair straightener are you using? i want to straighten my hair but its so expensive to go to the hairdresser

  • should have take pictures with you that day ! haha !
    btw, tzia really look great in real person :) and hot max !
    and take care of your legs !

  • joy – haha. i actually did the permanent one at saloon. & it costs me only rm120. :)

    freda – ahhh, you should!!! i thought i would have the chance to meet you. haha. aww. thank youuu!!!! :) yes, i will.

  • saw u that day!! u were actually taller than u look in ur pictures.. gave me a shock that i was actually same height with u..

  • That thing that is the same price as a Myvi is a Segway!! =)You can move around just by leaning your body where you want to go!

  • justin – haha, i wore heels marr. :)

    ken – segway, now i know! thanks! that thing is really that expensive?? @@

  • Hi Tzia, nice to see u in pc fair, but compare to last pc fair, this time you looks tired and not blinking up…how come? i am sorry to be the bad commentator

  • kelvin – have not sleep well lately. assignments and stuff. :( they told me i look tired too.

  • will you still continue with your tziaa’s closet ?

  • tziaaa, to be honest, you really consider having prefect body figure!
    any way to have this kind of body figure? =p
    &, you only spent RM120 for your hair ? @@
    WoW!!! I think this kind of offer will not happen in KL? =X
    You did it in Kampar?

  • your-dresses-lover – ahh, i might, when i have got pretty clothes to let go. ;) thanks for supporting!

    tracy – haha, i have no idea how. but, thanks for the compliment. haha, smart, yes, i did it in kampar.

  • I don’t think anyone even noticed the Segway next to you! I didn’t. (Of course I am also dropping by because I took your picture too!)

  • oh.. i see.. u hurt ur knee.. no wonder you were limping when i saw u..

  • nice body figure,keep it up :)

  • albert – there’s someone noticed that, that’s why i have a photo with it. :) haha, really? i posted up all 2nd day photos. cause i have bad hair day on the other two. hee. :)

    justin – yup. you saw me on the third day then, i suppose?

  • catTy – thank you, :))

  • must ensure u have a good rest ooo, the tzia that i see is always shining up

  • kelvin – alright, i promise i will. thanks!

  • nice pic as usual, Tziaaa. How was the sales on that day?

  • charles – met the target i suppose. *smile thank you!

  • tzia is like celebrity now hor..after PC Fair so many ppl go add u up =p

  • eklern – you think too much. lol!

  • i post the link here since unable to send via facebook. ^^ cheers..

  • i dont remember which day.. btw.. the 2nd last pic looks like jackie chan was touching ur butt.. lolz!

  • daniel – aww. thank you! :)

    justin – haha, i just realized that!!!

  • I always prefer to use Kasperky over Avast or McAfee. Kaspersky is much better in detecting new viruses and it does not consume too much resources on your dektop PC.

  • Wow, I was there for the PC Fair, but I dont think I recognised you :)

  • U r very friendly n pretty girl that i know so friend here is crazy bout u after the pc fair so can i be ur friend?

  • andrea – yea! ;)

    tristhan – ahhh, what make you could’t recognise me. *pondersss

    tommy – thankiew yea! :)

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    Kaspersky & Jackie Chan work together to quarantine and kill piracy.

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