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2015, to 2016

Happy 2016, everyone.

Last year, this time.
I was in #Bangkok, partying. haha.
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2015 has been one hell of roller coaster ride year;
I felt every emotion on the spectrum from the best to worst.

Despite all the screams, 2015 taught me important lessons:-

– Do it, whatever you’re scared of doing.
– Busy is not productive, focus on what matters.
– Happiness isn’t about more, better, or greater, it’s about order.
– Do your best, but you’re only human; Rely on HIS’ strength.

Truly 2015 hasn’t been easy, I’m challenged in every aspect. But I also have to admit 2015 is definitely one of the most rewarding year throughout my life. Well, life’s a series of seasons. We each have our times in the sunlight, and our days in the storms.

No matter how hard it is, I’m here, alive & made it through.

Made a lot of mistakes, and learned a lot.
But here, I want to make a list of my favorite days & favorite memories this year!

#1 I quit my job

It was a great move, but definitely not an easy decision.

All I can say is that, comfort is a wily beast. I am so comfortable working in this office, there’s no stress, no pressure. Even better, I have a whole bunch of zero dramas awesome colleagues.

But, I weren’t happy, I yearn for something more meaningful, more challenging, and more fulfilling!
Hence. I quit. I am thankful that I weren’t seduced by the comfort.

Fortunately, these bunch of overly attached colleagues are all my close friends now. Much love.

#2 I started a new job

It was tough, adjusting to a new job can be a daunting challenge.
It require abundant energy, and perseverance.

So many things that I do not and couldn’t understand. I broke down. God is good, HE sent a faithful listener. Until today, I am thankful for this girl who was so willing to listen to all my rants & frustrations.
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Undeniably, it can be a lonely existence in a new company. Worst, when I have got so much love from my previous company. But I’ve learned that there’s no immediate friendship, it takes time & effort to build one. Persevere, patiently.

Today, I am granted with two sweethearts that I called them my best friends.
No, they are totally more than just colleagues, people who i can share my heart with!


Also, I probably have the best bosses & mentors!

They are extremely dedicated to guide, they taught me that its okay to ask questions. Whether it may be hard or shallow. We are given almost all the freedom to grow & do things our way. We make mistakes, they picked up our shit, teach us, & let us fly in our way again!

#3 I get to TRAVEL

I traveled to AUSTRALIA, this year.

It was a little different from all my others trip, I went on a trip not knowing any of my travel companion, which means I will need to sort of travel alone. It’s not easy, I was actually hesitating if I should take this up even if it’s a sponsored trip! Just so you know, I never like taking myself out of my own comfort zone.

But I guess, I am again reminded that..
“Yes, it can be scary. But that’s the reason to learn to do it.”

My decision surprised me, this trip is so amazingly rewarding!

I make new friends;
They are some of the most fun, interesting and crazy people I’ve met!
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I got on a hot air balloon for the very first time, witnessing the bright flame, & the break of dawn.
I absolutely love the feeling of floating peacefully above the scenic rim of hinterland.

I learned Yoga from the beautiful Michelle, BY THE BEACH!

I had some of the best coffees in Queensland.

I traveled to K O R E A.

It was truly an impromptu trip, called by my #annoyingbff, adelechow.
Even better, we got our accommodation sponsored. Such a blessing!

With no expectations and a long list of things to see and do, you discover more! We found this extremely good BBQ restaurant which we do not even know the name until today! & there goes our journey of never ending korean bbq! hehe.

One thing I love about impromptu travel is you will never know what lies ahead. We learn to be OK with getting lost. Karen and I got lost along the way, but accidentally discovered this street and took a lot of beautiful shots!

Because you wouldn’t really have time to plan, hence, you just take your time to explore! Make stops randomly, and experience & love whatever it’s in front of us!

p.s. // Thankful for VISIONDATA portable wifi for keeping us connected all the time! Internet is so important, because we were using the KoreaSubway app and waze to travel around.

I went to PERHENTIAN, finally!

Vacationing, with no agenda is a true heaven. It is really refreshing, all I’ve done is just enjoying the sun, chill by beach, snorkeling and EAT. haha.

It’s just so enjoyable to float like this…


 “If your vacation causes you stress, it’s not a vacation;
It’s a should, a to-do or an overachieving chore,”

How can I not love this gorgeous sandy beaches, and crystal clear water.

Companions matter a lot too. (:
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#3 I had a blessed birthday

Jordan, romantic as he always is.
He never failed to surprise me on my birthday, every year.

Together with my friends & family, he always make sure that I receive the most love on my birthday.
He is nothing less than amazing. (‘:

Thank you so much!

#4 Stronger bond with my family

My family norm is not used to express our love to each other;
Very often, we express more love towards outsiders.

I learn to understand my family better.

This year instead of buying whatever I like for them, I learn to be thoughtfully generous with gifts. I make sure I really put in effort to understand their needs.

I threw a birthday party for my baby sister this year.
The smile of her face is priceless! & that is my biggest satisfaction!


I learn to express my love & gratitude using my time;
To make time to be together for things that bring us all pleasure.

I bought air ticket for the whole family to Bali this year.
I love travel, & I would really love to do it with these people who’s dearest to me.

#5 Treasuring friendship

I am so happy that this is another year, I am calling this girl, my #annoyingbff.
She taught me how to give, and how to invest into friendship.

“You don’t take friendship for granted.”

Thank you for supporting me unconditionally at all times, and generously sowing into my life.
Nothing is better than you having my back, I love you.

I also thank God for blessing me with these two ladies, jia jia & jia jia. Heh!
We do not meet often, but they have always been there whenever I need.
image12 (2)

Celebrated the 13th years of friendship with this bunch.
13 years, I am just so glad that our friendship remains a constant amid all the changes.

#6 Growing in Christ

I love this guy. His taught me Grace & Patience, and have always challenge me to do the impossible. I am reminded so often to always love others because God has loved you. You’ll never get angry and have a bitter heart is you love and forgive others.

I was challenged to plan for our annual X’mas party.
It was a success, all because of HIS grace.

It’s so heart warming to see how my cellgroup have grown stronger along the years. I am really glad to be part of this big family. This is where I feel safe to share opinions, ideas, and doubts. It is one place where I know nothing will be met with awkward glances or pat answers.

Candle light christmas in church is always beautiful!
It’s a blessing to come together with these people and share our lives with each other.

#7 Being pampered by all my sponsors.

Hair – C.Micheal Bangsar

This year I have received countless of compliments on my hair.
I have tried a few diff colors this year, and I love all of it!

Big thanks the team for the professional advice & work!

image3 (3)

Eyebrow – Imixx
Eyelash – Lash & Posh, 176 avenue

You have no idea how much time I save on my make up because of these! *grateful*
image2 (1)

Wax & IPL Treatment – De Wax Haus

Be bare, be gorgeous.

The silky smooth feeling is truly addictive.
It feels extremely good to be hairless!
image1 (1)

Skin – My Clinic

All thanks to Dr. Hoe, I am now good enough to go out with my naked face.

Like I said, going out with naked face might not be a big deal to some of you, but it’s one of the biggest happiness for me! For the past few years I have been asking for this to happen! &, finally it came true. I couldn’t be happier! This is one of my biggest happiness on 2015.

#8 Growing with Nuffnang

Nuffnang turns 8 on 2015. How time flies. This is already my 7th year being in this awesome big family, & it is definitely one of my best decision made. Thank you for believing in me & all the opportunities given to me!

Looking forward for many more exciting years to come.
image20 (2)

image10 (2)

#9 Relationship

Probably the hardest decision to make.
But I know it is definitely for the better. (‘:

You have been the most giving person I’ve met, and have always give and do good with no expectation. You taught me to love like how Jesus loved us. I believe life will definitely reward you with uncommon blessings!

Well, that pretty much concluded my #2015. It has been a tough yet fruitful year. 2015 taught me so much, and I am glad that I have grew to become a better person.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6

Now, I am all gear up to welcome the new year!

I love new year; I have always love cutting down old calendars, getting new planners, & welcoming the brand new year! It’s like, an official ceremony to bid goodbye to an old self (that you don’t like) that you killed, and start living again!

2015, has been exciting. I am blessed & loved.
2016, be good!

(p.s. – I will reveal my new year resolution next year once I’ve completed it!)



  • Everything is gonna be fine. Looking forward for 2016. Stay strong :)

  • I’ve been following your blog since i first met you in UTAR 7 years ago. Your story is most fascinating. All i could describe is i am in awe with the things you’ve gone through. Always traveling to so many places, trying different food, have a boyfriend and always travel together, so confident to wear a all sorts of outfits and also bold enough to post it for others to see. Many things that i can learn from you. Love God and have confident to live a colorful life. Thank you so much.

  • Happy New Year! I hope 2016 treats me well

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