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ended with a good note

boyfriend took this photo of mine.
& i  it.


oh yes, he came for my press conference. teehee!


Became a V.I.P guest for a press conference, a mock one. lol.
it was actually the last assignment for my first year.

was pretty nervous and worried that it wouldn’t goes well.
because there’s no rehearsal or anything, and everything was last minute.

but the result was crazy, it was surprisingly good.
A few of us even have the thought that we don’t deserve that.

still, it’s awesome shyt.
I am so gonna learn to expect the unexpected.


However, first year will never be complete till Finals is over.

so yea, as for now,  i am trying hard to catch my study mood.
i need my study mood badly.




  • first picture damn cute ! and last picture very sok ! :D
    and all the best in your finals yah !
    transferring some study mood for you ! hee !

  • Freda – thank you thank you! haha! transferring….. :)

  • Nice pics Tziaaa…
    Nice photoshooting skill your bf have!
    Congratz you almost complete your 1st year (since you said 1st yr havent consider complete unless you finish your finals).

    Good luck & All the best in your exam =)

  • tracy – thank you! haha, he now pro d! :))

  • haha! i guess trained by you. You’re one of the Pro also. =D
    Can I transfer my study mood like Freda to you as well? Haha~
    I’m going to finish my last paper, after that I will “post” it to you. XD

  • yeah! :)

  • I love the last photo the most!

  • tracy – haha. you so smart! hmmm. so nice, last paper already :(

    dylan – huh?!

    ahbing – haha, really?! thanks!

  • celebrity blogger hhahahahha!!!
    and yes la the 1st picture omg -_-

  • baca baca..ohm ohmmmmm

  • hey tzia im a new bb user also! plz share some tips fr it :) nice blog u have!

  • tzia~~ i love ur last picture~! so cute <3

  • I toned you: :)

  • adele – haha! i knew you’ll love that one! haha!!

    charles – lol! yeay mannn!

    yvo – ahh, i am still a noob in it. but, shall try yea! thankiew!! ^^

    joey – hee! thankiew yea! xD

    Peter – haha. *smile

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