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Penang : Day 1

5.40a.m. – breakfast with mummy & lil sister @ Mcdonalds.
6.00a.m. – kehui picked me up.
6.30a.m. – picked SC up.
7.00a.m. – reached boyfriend’s place. ( he’s driving us to Penang! )
11.00a.m. – reached PENANG.

We didn’t managed to check in at the hotel yet because the check in time is 2.00p.m. Yes, we have 3 extra hours to spend. We are all hungry so we decided to fill our stomach at some random classic kopitiam. They all spoke hokkien, thanks God SC can speak a lil Hokkien, otherwise we will most probably ended up ” huh? hUh? HUH?“.

So yea.After that, we still have 2 hours to spend, we’re new in town, unfamiliar with the city. Was so clueless, and I actually tweeted and asked where should I go. Then, boyfriend suggested we should go on a road trip to explore Penang. & somehow, we ended up at Fort Cornwallis. Said HIE to Francis Light.


Then got replied on my tweet said that there’s duty free shop at KOMTAR 53th floor. Penang’s road is insane, luckily SC has got GPS! Reached KOMTAR, see no duty free shop and nothing special so *felt cheated, =( so we left. It’s bout 1.30p.m.

Finally, it’s time to check in to TUNE HOTEL, Asia’s Best Value hotel.
it’s only rm 70++ per day. *budget stuff!!! never know it’s existence till Kehui told us about it.

Nonetheless, it isn’t bad at all.

bathed, changed and put on some light make up.
No more falsies, boyfriend prohibited me from using it. T.T


just concealer, BB cream, blusher and some mascara.


their 5-star bed is as comfortable as its’ name.


& they have got 2352157547134628379 mirrors in such a small room, which is what I love most.

#mirror no.1
wahhh, so huge!


heh, boyfriend is finally shorter than me. woots!


my precious, i lupppp you!


# mirror no.2
long straight full-length mirror.

flowerish top, and high waisted shop from teetoo.


# mirror no.3
bathroom’s mirror

the natural lighting was awesome, which make it another excuse for me to camwhore.
i love the flower bun i tied that day. *grinssss


The bathroom ain’t spacious but at least, it’s clean.


After finish exploring the room, it’s time for us to explore penang… food!
oh yes, we were hungry again! heh!

SC’s friend recommended JOO HOOI CAFE.

475, Jalan Penang, 10000,
George Town, Penang.


oh, due to some reason SC chose to remain anonymous.
& that’s Kehui holding SC’s banyak canggih punya camera. ^^


Asam Laksa @ Joo Hooi Cafe is a MUST TRY!
It’s actually my first time eating Asam Laksa, and I fell in deep with asam laksa, instantly.

*two thumbs up!


baby loves it  a lot too! *slurrpppsssssssssss


also, we ordered Char Koay Teow.
not bad, it would be better if it’s a lil spicy.




Thought of going to Penang Hill after that, but sadly, we found out that’s it’s currently closed for maintenance. We all then decided to just hang out at Gurney Plaza instead, then dinner at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.

walked around pointlessly, till i saw something…..

AWWWWWWWWWWW, this pink Mickey is soooo CUTE!!! yes?!!
heh, & baby actually bought that for me.


Dinner at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.
Things wasn’t THAT good, the fried oyster is the only thing i think is good there.


Well, we did nothing much on the first day, more on the 2nd and 3rd day. :)
next, will be the beach post! **sunshine



  • LOL… nice trip.. anyway there’s a lot more to visit in Penang..

  • jesper – come back for my post post on the 2nd and 3rd day. :)

  • ask me mah wat’s good in pg…i’m penang lang…lolx

  • keith – i asked, in both twitter & facebook status. I even asked in my previous post. -.- lol!

  • opps..maybe i missed it…btw if you do come to penang next time NEVER EVER go to Gurney hawker center…the food there sux and expensive…

  • aiyerrr, tzia tzia shooo kawaii :D
    stay sweet with your bii ohh =)
    anyway, very nice trip i can see :D

  • keith – yea worr, really not nice leh! only the fried oyster not bad, but rm12 for that small plate! :(

    freda – heh! thankiew, girl! ♥

  • Awwww how come your boyfriend doesn’t like you with false eyelashes? :( I myself love false eyelashes! Haha they can really make a person look so different and more dramatic looking :D But anyways, it is lucky your eyes are already big enough without it! :)

    Looks like you had lots of fun in Penang!

  • annie – he said i look TOO dramatic. haha! thank you, & yea, i really had fun! :)

  • What brand of bb cream are u using? Thanks ya..u look great…

  • SSH – heh, it’s dr.G. :) Thankiew! ^^

  • I miss Penang so much T.T
    Been years didn’t visit Penang d..

  • xiaopei – ask your boyfriend bring you lu ^^

  • Hello there, nice to meet you =) I’m study in penang one =)

  • girlaurora – hey, nice to meet you too :)

  • You look so pretty T__T Love your outfit too~!

  • sarah – aww! thankiew ♥

  • You look truly resplendent in the outfit that complemented your outlook *thumbs thumbs up!*

  • biopolymath – thankiew thankiew, that’s so sweet.

  • Now I know why his face being hidden…

    Look funny to have one person face not turn out in the photos…

  • Char Koay Teow, yum, my favorite.

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