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Moved to South Lake last month. Yes, I no longer stay at Westlake. I Never like Westlake because the room is small and stuffy yet expensive. Also, most of my housemates are males, I basically have no one to talk to or gossip with as they were gaming most of the time. Ugh.

My new house is simply awesome, and spacious. However, the best thing is that my new housemates are all real darlings, they are just too lovely! We have no internet connection here YET, so we basically spend our time gossiping over every single thing, flipping through ViVi mag over and over again and not get bored, mix matching our clothes, epilating and make up, exploring new menus for dinner, etc. In brief, we spent totally girly moment together. I always think I have the coolest housemates.

From left is Aiyen, Lichi, Grace and yours truly.


Till the other day, our agent told us that we will be having new housemate, & he will be moving in on the next day. Yes, it’s a HE, we then started to think how would our new housemate look like, will he look like KAKA…?

The next morning, we rushed down when we heard the sound of gate opened.
&, we almost dropped our jaws.

No, our new housemate looks nothing like KAKA. But, a typically nerdy Ah beng!!!
*eyes popped out*

that’s him saying hello with the geekiest smile ever.

We talked to him, and found out that his name is KK, he’s not exactly a geek.

He is smart; he helped us much in our studies and assignments along way.
However, we realize that he has got zero confidence even though he has the brain of a genius.

Another thing is that, people were laughing at him everytime we tagged him along for dinner outside. Later on, he doesn’t want to follow us to dinner anymore. He became more and more socially awkward, he doesn’t like to talk much, all he does is show his geekiest smile ever to tell us that he’s fine.

Oh, did I mention he has got heaps of those full frame huge spectacles, also 28136187236182318 of those black and yellow bees looking stripes top? We girls always wonder why he needs so much of these. Not in a mean way, in a curious way,

& there’s this day, KK went out without locking his door.

Also, out of our kepo-ness, we went in to explore his room. Found this compartment where he place all his geeky specs. Grac e couldn’t resist her curiousity, she took one and wore it on.

& we found out that all those spectacles, are GLASS-LESS. Oh maiiiiii.
he uses it as an accesorry, but it doesn’t suit him at all.

Then, we saw his calendar on his writing table.
24th June is his birthday!!!


We girls then all agreed to help him to change his style on his 21st birthday this year!
Bought a Polo-T that we believe will looks good on him.

We want to surprise him!


Knocked on his door, he opened, and gave us his usual “huh, what’s happening’s” look.|

He is so excited plus touched when I passed the present to him!

He told us he never had friends that know and remember his birthday.
&, we saw tears half hanging on his eyes. Awwwww.

We asked him to change and let us have a look.

He did it very quickly.

Hmmm, he look slightly better.
but still, not okay yet.

Still lacking of something……


Oh yea, I KNOW, HE LACK OF AXE deodorant body spray!!!

I quickly rushed to the Hypermarket nearby, and got KK a can of AXE deodorant body spray which is very popular overseas but only launched in Malaysia now.

It’s both a deodorant and a, cologne. Double kill, woots!!

& miracles, happened after that spray.


KK spent a few seconds to style his hair, without the mirror. Yes!
& then took of his geeky specs.

& gosh, he looks hell more charming now!
we girls were amazed that KK actually looks this great. *drooollllssss

KK looked at the mirror, and we can tell that he is very happy with his current look.
& we can now see the confidence in him.

People always say that confidence can made one look and feel great. & now, KK just proved it.

We then suggested going out to celebrate KK’s birthday.
Now, there’s no more bad words bout KK, but so many girls that were eyeing on KK when we passed by. Heh! Somehow, we girls feel satisfied with ourselves.

After dinner, we thought of buying a cake for KK but all pastry shops were already closed. We then replaced it with a small muffin from 7-11. KK was happy enough with it; he said sincerity is all that matters.

Talked a lot to the transformed KK that night (he finally likes talking, again?) heh, and incidentally found out that he is actually a humorous guy. He made me laughed so much on that night.

Then, we saw a hot chic walked towards us. We thought she’s our friends or whatsoever,
but… no… we don’t know her.

She walked closer and closer to KK, and whispered to his ear.

I was… ern.. shocked?

I was even amazed when the girls leave her number for KK. HELLO! KK is no longer a geeky nerds , he now attracts hot chics. Woots!!!!

KK was really happy, he told me he never had girls approached him before this. He thanked me and the girls for making effort to change his style on his big day which make it a really special day!

I then told him that, AXE deodorant body spray is probably the most important thing throughout the whole process. By smelling great, it boosts one’s confidence to make the very important first move, ie getting a girls’ number.


Now, Go grab one AXE deodorant body spray now, and AXEperience the almighty AXE body spray deodorant youself!!! *bigwidesmile

Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


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