bits & pieces

bits and pieces

i know i have not been updating as frequent as i used to do, =3,

i have got a valid excuse reason..

I have got no internet connection when i’m in Kampar. No internet connection = no updates, you see? well, i gave up waiting for Streamyx, yesterday, & i decided to sign up for broadband today.

some random updates on the past week:

#1 I was on a hiatus mode last week, and it’s still on-going ( i am supposed to be doing my assignments right now). So much dramas and so much work to be completed in such short period of time, i had probably slept less than 12 hours in the past few days. was so tired, physically and emotionally. i broke down a few times, crying out loud and wish i could go back to those carefree life. Life is truly a bitch nowadays.

#2 an Advertorial got rejected. Housemates and KokKeong stayed up whole night to help me to complete it. I’m truly touched by these bunch of lovely souls. Things were done by 4am. We sat down and had some heart to heart talk before we went for 5am’s breakfast.  Always I acknowledged that friends come and go. still, i always wish that they would stay longer, but sadly, they never did. All souls are selfish.

#3 Surprised Pinky on her birthday.


#4 currently reading a novel entitled perks of being a wallflower.
“caught between trying to live his life and trying to run away from it..” – stephen chbosky
depressed much eh?

#5 wasn’t feeling well last week. Flu was so bad that I couldn’t even rest well when i know i only have a few hours to pamper myself. Also, got dizzy and black-out when I stand up mad often. pimples too have no mercy on me, sigh!

#6 i had lose some weight again, i am around 46-47kg now, good thing or bad things, i am happy with it. But, don’t get me wrong, i had not go on diet intentionally, I have got the appetite of a cow lately. Boyfriend wants me to gain some weight, so he kept stuffing me with scrumptious food that I can never say “No” to. DinTaiFung, Crabbie, Nandos, Papajohns, Cereals, LokLok, Desserts, etc….. heh! i lup you, baby!


#7 back to my home sweet home at Subang. Mummy pampered me more finger licking good home cook’s food and desserts. oh, mom had just cooked me super delicious Japanese Curry Rice for dinner just now! Now, i seriously don’t see why am I not gaining weights. i am not complaing, i am just glad! heh!

that’s all for now.

p.s. – Father’s Day is tomorrow!

and to all the daddies!


Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • so good !keep on eating also won’t get fat *jealous*
    the cake super cute !
    anyway tziaaaa take care :)
    don’t sad we always here to support you!

  • freda – haha, look like durian cake right? but it’s apple cake. heh! thankiew sweetheart! <3

  • yeap yeap ! i thought it was durian cake :)
    you are always welcome !

  • I miss you baby dear….you’ve to eat more princess xoxo

  • freda – *smilesmile

    fred – heh! love love!

  • Good luck & all the best in studies yea =)
    WIsh u gain weight successfully XD

  • tracy – ahhh, no, i don’t want gained weight.

  • Hey I like the cake, looks so like durian^^

  • zues – heh, i know you love durian!

  • love the underwater shots in the previous post :] <3

  • Take good care of urself =)

  • haha ur lovely bf also asked u to eat more! XD

  • chocalita – heh! thankiew!

    wilson – i will, thank you! :)

    tracy – haha, he wants me to get fat so he can laugh at me. haha!

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