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it was father’s day…

i know i am late with this post, but, i still have to say…
i you, daddy! & Happy Father’s Day!

i know exactly how much this man love me, and how much he would sacrificed for me, or maybe, for us.
he may not be perfect but he would try his best to give us the best he could.

this man, is the best father i could ever asked for.
i truly appreciate how much you love and care for us. Also, thank you, for all the hardship and sacrifices.

Thank you, for being my superb daddy.
we love you!

us, showing some lovessss… 

a hand-made father’s day card by lil sister & me. chio much eh.
also, an appropriate present from us, brother, and mummy.


Father’s day somehow turned into a food hunting day.
noms noms noms. daddy is a food lover, and so do all of us. it’s the GENE! heh!

we went O’briens for breakfast.


sandwiches & tea.

daddy together with mummy exploring his new gadgets that we gave it to him. heh!


More on the nomsss…

we had nasi lemak at some nyonya restaurant and had gelato for dessert. then, mom cooked us miso soup and white taufu, while sister made us sushi. we later on went out for rojak, and had popiah for high tea…. etc.


oh, those aren’t dinner yet.
we had BBQ chicken for dinner.

i ordered kids’ fun plate.
trying hard to convince myself that I am not too old YET. fml.


it’s just a simple celebration, but i am glad that we have got splendid moments together.
only regret is that i have got no photo taken together with daddy. :( the main reason is because daddy’s brain nerve was infected, he isn’t able to smile properly for the time being.

may daddy get well soon! so we could take lots of photos together! *hugssss

once again,
happy father’s day, daddy!

p.s. stylo-lilo has been updated again!

it’s floral.
Floral is just too lovely for us ditch it this summer! they are simply irresistible!

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Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • nice card…
    your dad must be very very happy in that day..

    the floral series is nice lo…

  • what gadgets u gave to ur father? so curious… haha…

  • nice card, your sister is damn creative can. lol.
    and hope your dad get well soon. =)

  • nice card you and your lil sis make :)

  • hweeen – heh! thankiew! hope he is happy!

    danieltong – phone. :)

    kelly – heh, she is always so. heh! thankiew!

    freda – thankiew! <3

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