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pre birthday celebration @ Kampar


it was 3 days before my actual birthday..

I was doing some sort of fashion photoshoot with my housemate, Grace for our blogshop. half way through, my other housemates, Lichi and Aiyen asked Grace to go downstairs to have a look at the vege they just bought. I didn’t follow very much because I was too busy looking back at those photos see whether there’s any bad angled photos, till…

the girls came up with a birthday cake. (it’s a very yummy blueberry cheese cake. heh!)

i looked at them, & i stoned. I know right, wtf. just, I didn’t expect that from them.
it’s hard to explain how a lil surprise from them can surprised me so so much. xD xD xD

&, how can I not be happy when it’s like what, my very first birthday cake in Kampar after being here for more than a year? *bigwidesmile*

thank you, girls.
p.s. – no photos with the housemates, because they weren’t prepared. ern, yea! :)



it was 2 days before my birthday…

Joyi suggested to go Ipoh for dessert. & so, Ashley, Melanie, Minyee & me tagged along.
along way, we had madly yummy honeyed chicken, then, we had noodles.

& finally, dessert @ Citrus.

me together with the girls.


tempting max, yes? heh!


then when they served this…

i was like… “oh, come share share….”
” hello, you didn’t see what’s on it?!” joyi replied.

i stoned, again, for at least 10 seconds, till i finally realized what’s happening. **blur max
yes, it’s another SURPRISE!!!

thankiew!!! i really appreciate it!


Happy Birthday to me….


Then, we drove around Ipoh and did some super random cuckoo stuff, like…

daring Melanie to run 3 rounds around the big round about.
& she really did..


so, we camwhored while she’s running.. heh!


Then, we dare minyee to take a photo with AGUA!
there’s this AGUA who actually showed us his her boobs, and ass.

one word, GROSS.

The most whatdafarkKNS thing is that take photo with agua also need rm20, oh gosh!
we didn’t want to pay, so yea.

We then headed to OVAL, for the girls only drinking session.
Tequila POP!


one big glass of HOEGARDEN.



together with minyee and melanie.
we’re all still sober.


thing started to goes wrong when Vodka Redbull came in to our life…





i am amazed myself that we could still have such a beautiful photo when we were all tipsy.


woots, double kill kiss.


&, ahem, this is the last photo took when i am conscious.


all that i know is that I had heaps of fun that night,
and had a serious hang over the second day.


Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • hehe, what a nice birthday surprise :)
    looking back on your old post, you really changed alot.
    getting slimmer and prettier, seriously !
    hee, keep that :D happy 19th again !

  • freda – you are still so sweet. heh! thankiew!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Hi tziaa, happy birthday to you..you’re still soo young..hehee..makes me feel so old T__T

    anyway, nice to see that you’ve enjoyed your day. And you look so pretty in all the pics =)

  • Happy belated 19th birthday. love your hair. look much straighter. =)

  • Happy 19th ^^
    Good to have friends like that :)

  • sarah – thank you! ahhh, i am getting older already! heh! thankiew for the compliment. <3

    jinny - seems like you love me with my straight hair more eh? heh!

    xiaopei - heh! i am very very glad! :)

  • Wow. Nice housemate yea.
    Great to see nice blog & post by you.

    I missed my 21st birthday celebration coz with those assigns & mid terms..
    it’s kinda sad =(
    I bet you appreciate & enjoyed a lot with those suprised birthday celebration … specially when you’re in Kampar without your lovely :)

    Wishing you stay pretty & healthy through out the years.

  • tracy – yup, those girls are lovely! heh! thankiew thankiew! <3 ahhh, go get a birthday cake and make a wish!!!!!

  • Hi Tziaaa

    Happy belated birthday. Looked like you had a blast!

  • Had a good laugh at some of those photos…thanks :D

  • Charles – i definitely had! thankiew!

    peter – welcome. :)

  • Just drop by Google on Tequila pop and saw your picture. Happy belated birthday. Nice piture…

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