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birthsary ♥


because our 13th month anniversary is just few days after my birthday. so both were celebrated together.

first, had dinner together with baby and his family. They were all very nice people, and had treated me really really well all this while.  & i truly appreciate it! i must say that i didn’t feel a single awkwardness or whatsoever dining with them.

here is a photo with baby, baby’s mom, auntie, and also his very cheerful grandmother.


we had chinese cuisine that night.
the food was pretty good.


The next day.

baby say we’re going for brunch. That surprise me a lil, cause we usually missed our breakfast and sometimes, lunch too. but well, still, i woke up early, and dolled up a little.


i love my real (yes, they’re real) bottom lashes so freaking much!
please don’t hate me for this. heh!


baby kept asking whether I know where is he bringing me for lunch, but,  he left me clueless by not telling me whether i am or wrong after i answered. grrrrrrhhhhhhh.

till, we finally reached our destination, KL Tower.

i was like, ” oh, the revolving restaurant uh?”
i wasn’t that blur afterall.

then, i continue..
” where got people come here during day time one…” & ooopppsss.

yeay, i somehow spoil the surprise he trying to gave me.

” i am sorry, it’s fully booked at night.” he gave me the sad innocent face.
& make me felt terribly guilty.

we then went to the reception counter.
” for 5 people?” the receptionist checked the booked list.

baby turned over and told me that his friends is joining us later on.

so yea, this is us, in lift.


It’s both western and malay buffet lunch.

Food was just ern.. so so…. Okay, i really shouldn’t complain more. It’s baby’s effort to wake up so early, plan things and take me out to celebrate with me. lovessss.

At least, the cheesy fillet was good.


It’s just the both of us. His friends doesn’t seems to appear. I can see that he started to seem a lil impatient. after bout 1 hours, he said, he need to go to the washroom.

& then, he came back with a bouquet of roses.
okayyyyyyyy, that really does surprise me!

if you wonder who took this photos for us…



yes, “HIS” FRIENDS appeared after that….





which turned out to be my dear ADELECHOW .


& my pompuan, SHINYEEE , and her other half, waichun.


I tell you, I stoned max.

till they were like asking me why I have got zero reaction.
Hell, the truth is i was simply over surprised, and didn’t know how to react. GOSH!

these girls have been telling that they wouldn’t be free on my birthday since last week. Shinyee told me that she has got exam this week, I even bbm-ed her and asked her how’s her exam when I am on my way to KL. OHMAIGAWD! i have been completely fooled by them (including the boyfriend, I really don’t know how long has he been planning these).


The highlight of the day…

it’s when the the pianist started to play the birthday song while waiter walk towards me with a birthday cake, and when they started to sing me the birthday song. i was super shy because everyone from other table started to turn around and started to sing along, but, actually, i am also freaking happy deep inside.

it’s like, awwwwwww!
thankiew baby!


waichun trying to take a photo of us when baby is feeding me.

mana tau, he started to make all sorts of nonsense expression.
heh, yea yea, that’s my super poser baby!


i then requested for more photos with my 2 sweethearts.
“we are freaking hungry, let us have some food first yea.”  =.=


finally, they finished their food, and comes the dessert session.

I do not have any photo of me with the cake.
but, here’s is a slice of it.


the lovelies.
failed pic, cause shinyeee was looking at the other camera.

but, i likey this pic, that’s why i post it up.


& here is a much better one with all of us smilling to the same camera.


the guys.


& the twin towers.


We left the place around 3pm.

They suggested Genting. So, we went up to Genting.
we girls slept in the car, & the guys did the gossip.

(e.g. how old are you uh? eh, look at this…! Wow…. etc.)

that was what I heard before I fell asleep, when I am feeling drowsy.

Reached Genting.

The weather was rather chilly, damm nice!
We then went to Starbucks, and had some hot drinks.

My fav., Caramel Hot Chocolate with Extra Caramel!
sweet stuff is .


one of the sweetest thing in my life.
this one is damm addictive one!


our BB’s wallpaper, the dooodolls.
cupipi & cupido.

freaking chio, yes?


the other sweet things in my life!
shyt, I guess diabetes will be meeting up with me real soon!



this one Adelechow’s photo must post, if not she’ll complain why I always delete her photo. heh!


baby, Happy 13th Month Anniversary.
Thanks for being the guy in my life.

i you heaps! -xoxo


Left quite early because Adele needs to work!

this photo reminds me of the other photo took during the earlier days when I just started off with baby. Adele took that photo of us, and now she took this.


sweetness continue even though it’s freaking cold out there.


Adele damm emo, cause we’re leaving already. I THINK.


last photo of the day.

spot shinyee at the back.
she is 24/7 ready for the camera. haha.


I was really happy and I enjoyed myself a lot that day.
I guess I am truly blessed cause I have got so many awesome people around me.

& Before I end this post..

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Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • awww. so sweet of your bf and yr friends!
    anyway looking real good with your makeup !
    and for sure you are having a real nice and happy 19th bday <3

  • freda – heh! thankiew thankiew! ♥ i really had a blast this year. there’s another one with my family though! <3

  • That was sweet! Adele’s first photo is looks cute :)

    Btw, the National final of Cheer 2010 competition is happening now.

  • biopolymath – heh! adele is always adorable!

  • That’s really sweet of your bf =) and your frens too~

    p/s: you always look good!

  • sarah – aww. thankiew, that’s very sweet of you too!

  • Tzia, may i know where you get your glasses?
    They are powerless rite?
    Thx :)
    Btw,u & ur frens look really good :)

  • ww – ahh, the glasses belongs to my friend! heh, thankiew! <3

  • Wow!
    Tziaaa, I can feel how sweet you’re on that day…
    Your picture says everything!
    It’s really sweet & great day you had!
    Happy 13th month anniversary to you & your lovely bf..
    You two really looks perfect!

    Happy happy happy always =)

  • hihi
    i’m mihelle from sydney!.
    your blog looks amazing and i’m wondering how did u make all the photos look so good? and what software are you using? to make round corners?
    keep it up!..i’ll visit frequently

  • tracy – awwww… i guess pictures really do speak a thousand words uh? heh! thankiew! thankiew! ♥

    shell – hello! thanks for your compliment. I use photoscape to edit those, you can download it online. :)

  • hey tziaaa, i love your eyes…do u mind telling me which mascara and eyeliner tat u used?

  • i saw tat u take ur nap when ur on the way to genting.but ur wearing lenses.can ?

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  • yee – thankiew! i am using Maybelline cat eye mascara for bottom lashes, and the balm for upper lash.

    chloe – haha, a short period of time doesn’t matter de. :)

  • nice photo..
    sweet sweet lo both of you..

  • HAHAHAHA! I SUPER DUPER LIKEY THIS POST! and and, eyh why the ‘EMO PIC’ so funny one?!! Since when you took it!! ishh youuu!
    hahaha, your present is actually still with me, love (:

  • where is the 1st restaurant? seems so high and class.. got kl view too… how much is it ? i know the 2nd place is genting..

  • hween – heh! thankiew!!

    adele – i sudah tau you gonna love this post! heh! that’s a real candid. cantik kan? bila you mau bagi saya?

    daniel – haha. it’s in KL Tower lu. :) heh!

  • do u mind to tell me how can i book a place for two in kl tower?n how much for 2?thnx yea =)

  • u shud reli go there during night time.. >< the night view is very nice.. but its ur bf’s sincerity that counts right? sure u had a great time.. happy belated bday btw.. ^^

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  • wow, ur bday celebration was really cool…KL tower looks great..nice shots u got there…..^_^

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