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please, drive safe.

Dear all, I really want all of you to read this.

My mom was driving us back after fetching my brother to Setapak. We were on the highway, mummy was driving at the middle lane, and there’s another car driving at the fast lane. &, “ZUUUPPPPP”, a driver dangerously overtook us, overtaking us using the narrow space between the middle lane and the fast lane. I was like…whadafark, totally speechless.

This make me thought of the accident that happened in Kampar. I was fetching Minyee back after class, and there’s this stupid driver in a white proton saga dangerously and illegally overtook me, I bet he’s driving with the speed of at least 80km/h, and mind you, it’s a small narrow road with many cars. On that second, I was thinking, “must be pure lucky that there isn’t a crash.”

Fetched Minyee back home, and when I turned out to the main road. I saw a crashed! It was the same white proton saga banging into some motorcyclist! Karma, it has to be Karma, I thought.

But days after that, I found out that the motorcyclist that was so unlucky is actually my classmate!!! He was badly injured after the crashed, as in, partially of his face were torn off. The girlfriend says, he lost too much flesh on his face, causing insufficient flesh on face, maybe the flesh from his thigh or elsewhere might be transfer to the face. Nevertheless, many stitches were done on that face. The girlfriend also said, he is suffering the worst pain in his life during the daily cleaning session. It is really lucky, that his girlfriend isn’t following him that day; otherwise, he might not be able to see the girlfriend anymore. Ah, thanks God.

imagine, if this is what happened: *criessssss

The worst thing I got to know is that, the driver is an UNDERAGE kid! He doesn’t have a license! Ugh, I guess this is dangerous style of driving and the fact that driving without owning a license must be one of the main contributors to the many accidents in our country!

& then, I start questioning myself “what my role is in promoting road safety and saving lives”.

There’s a chance now, for all of us, students of all universities, colleges and institutions of higher learning in Malaysia play our part in MUFORS (Malaysian Unite for Road Safety) by speaking out and capturing through our short films attitudes on Malaysian roads (positive or negative) that will contribute to a higher level of realization that road safety is in our hands, each and every person who uses the roads in Malaysia, and that road safety or the lack of it all boils down to ATTITUDE of individuals.

RRM short film competition (white) FA

I strongly encourage all my dearest readers and friends from all universities, colleges and institutions of higher learning in Malaysia to join“MUFORS Road Reels” is a short film competition with the theme “Attitudes on Roads – A Malaysian Journey”.

Apart from playing a part in this movement, there are also fantastic cash prizes to be won both by the students and their institution of higher learning. The winner of each category stands to win RM10,000 in cash, first runner up will win RM8,000 in cash, and last but not least RM5,000 in cash for the second runner up while the university or college he/she is studying in will get RM3,000, RM2,000 and RM1,000 respectively. This is no doubt a golden opportunity for all.

Closing date is on 30 October 2010.
&, for more information, please log on to


p.s. – please do drive safe, & appreciate lives.


  • drive carefully not only for our own safety, others as well..

  • cheekeong – exactly!!!

  • tat and kopi o licensed drivers are the worst lot

  • is the guy in the picture is ur classmate??!

  • Wow, you’d actually used the pic of your friend to promote road safety and most importantly, i think this article’s about ads. about promoting the road safety short film competition. put yourself into your friend’s situation, if it’s you in the pic, and he used it to blog this so-called ‘article’ how would you feel..seriously.. wtf. get a life, i believe that the few cents or dollars you’re earning from this post will get you no where.

  • pls..u r advertising and not ur noble intention to curb road acciddents. c’mon!!!

  • meris – no, it’s just a photo i got online.

    yeeching – haha, you had misunderstood. i guess you don’t quite understand what’s “what IF this happened”? that is just a photo i got online, i saw my friend, and he’s fine now. thanks for your concern.

    hbk – i will not advertise if i have no intention to do so. oh yea, you noble man, play a role, participate in that video making competition. use your WISDOM to save lives. c’mon! thank you.

  • aww. *pats*
    yes, i agree with those driving manners nowadays !
    rude and they do not follow the rules ! *angry*
    and they don’t know that they will harm how many innocent people like that :(

  • Very good post! it does give me a smack on my head to not drive so fast on the road during midnight :)

    one thing though, maybe you should warn your readers that there’s a graphic photograph as they scroll down cuz honestly it’s too gory for some people.

    cheers! :)

  • nicholas – i use FEAR APPEAL. heh! anyway, thank you!!! AND, i am really gladthat it does gave a smack on your head!! hey you, drive safe!! *wink

  • i sincerely hope ur fren will recover as soon as possible~~so sad to see this post~~~ =((

  • chilieeee – thanks a lot! he’s fine now. i saw him in class the other day. :)

  • would u write anything about road safety if it’s not advertisement that you are obliged to post? would u? so much for wisdom….

  • need moderation?

  • hbk – ern, hard to say. as you know (or maybe not), i blog about every single thing ard me, and this friend so happened to be my classmates and assignments group mate. so why wouldn’t i blog abt it? LOL! and this advert came in just in time, tell me, WHY NOT? and , moderation? i will do it next time, i wouldn’t want to waste my time explaining to you, cause I don’t think i need to do so. =)

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