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TGIF #MealFor2

Remember on my insta, I mentioned that Careen asked me out for a dinner date? Last Tuesday. Our dinner date finally took place at TGI Fridays. Well, we have always love their food & good service.

& of course, the main reason that got us there is that, they have recently rolled out the #MealFor2 promo! One starter & two mains for only RM45.90++. Honestly, we have been longing to try this out as it’s insanely worthy.

Look at the happy faces.

“Food is essential to life, so make it good.” That’s my belief.
Food is passion, food is love; Good food makes me us happy!

Look at Careen, even her eyes are smiling. Awww.

Please do not disturb. Serious business going on. We take it very seriously when it comes to choosing what we going to eat. Food is a big part of life, you see.

Hahaha. #realcandid

Appetizer served!

There’s more than 1 appetizers being served because we kind of triple date that night! Definitely a good thing, because I love varieties of food! Bring couple of friends along to try out this #MealFor2 if you are like me, who love to have a bite of everything!

Firstly, we have, Bruschetta, topped with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil & a balsamic glaze. The topping was so refreshing, I love the tomatoes, passionately.

Nacho Chilli Roll, tortilla roll filled with cream cheese and spicy chilli beef, topped with melted Colby cheese and fresh corn pico de gallo.

I am not a beef person (what a waste, I know), but they say this is amazing.
Do try if you are a meat lover.

Next up, my all-time favorite, Chicken fajitas nachos! Crispy tortilla chips, with charboiled chicken breast, green peppers, topped with melted monterey jack cheese and slice jalapeno, served with sour cream.

I couldn’t stop myself from munching, if it wasn’t for sharing, I would’ve finished up everything all by myself. Addictive yo!

Last appetizer being served was the loaded mashed potato cakes, it’s basically mashed potato with Colby-Parmesan cheese mix, topped with beef bacon and caramelized onion.

I also love potatoes. & this is one brilliant way to serve potatoes, yummy!

Introducing you these beautiful ladies (the #dayredinks – double income no kids), Bobo & Citygal, who joined us for our dinner date. It was really good to have them with us, not only we can try out more varieties of food, we have heaps of laughter throughout the dinner. These ladies are extremely down to earth and real. Love ‘em!

Photography credits to the #annoyingbff, adelechow, who was there for the dinner too! It was indeed a happy dinner. Good people, good food. What’s more to ask for?

Okay, cut the craps! Main course now!

Oh, nothing much.
We were just admiring the food before we begin to feast! Haha.

Hibachi Chicken Skewers, one of the lower calorie options. Two grilled all natural chicken breast skewers marinated in a black pepper and garlic soy sauce with a miso glaze and served with grilled pita and greens. You can now eat with no guilt.


It is a perfect combination of texture, taste and flavours! Yet, healthy. Perfect pick!


We wanted fish too. Thus, the infamous TGIF’s fish & chips!

Crispy, golden fish fillet served with fried & tartar sauce.
There’s 3 pieces of fillet, battered & fried till the perfect golden brown.
image_11 image_12


& this is Bobo’s Friday’s® Cheeseburger.
This is everyone’s usual order that can never go wrong.

There’s a total of 10 mains for you to choose (Get ready to be spoilt for choice):

Fish & Chips
Hibachi Chicken Skewers
Friday’s® Cheeseburger
Wild Mushroom Farfalle
Outrageous Sliced Beef Tacos
Cajun Fried Chicken Salad
Chop House Chicken
Chicken Caesar Salad
Chilli & Garlic Shrimp
California Club Sandwich

Honestly, though its called a #MealFor2. The portion is super generous, it’s definitely more than enough for two. We were both full upon finishing the mains.

But, we believed, there’s always space for dessert.
It seems to be doing the wrong thing if we do not order dessert.

Topped up RM10 and shared this huge sundae with Careen. Vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge and caramel, walnuts and whipped cream. It’s definitely irresistible for sweet tooth like us. Did we said we were full earlier? Oops! Haha

Ice cream, & chocolate, both girl’s best friend.
Keep calm, & dig in!

It has been a really busy week for me, I was feeling so suffocated with the amount of workload poured on me. A delicious meal like this makes a dull Tuesday feels as if it’s weekend already!

If you are feeling the work/study blues, grab your bestie and head out to try this #MealFor2 for only RM45.90++ at TGI Fridays. It will sure made your day. At least, for me it did.

Cheers! (:


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