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Physiogel Inner Circle Event

I believe from all my previous blog posts, you would have known that I’ve travelled to Bangkok recently, & attended the Physiogel Inner Circle event where leading beauty media and online influencers from the region (such as Thailand, the Phillipines, Singapore and Malaysia) gathered to learn more about the new Physiogel Calming Relief facial care range!

Received this welcome pack & moisture meter on the first night! & it is when I started using Physiogel’s product religiously. Read on to find out why!

I was there together with these two gorgeous ladies, Adele & Melissa.

During the media launch, we are lucky enough to have Dr. Peter Blenkiron, Senior Director, Skin Health Category R&D of GSK Consumer Health, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Poohglin Tresukosol, and the top beauty influencer from Singapore, Melissa Koh to share with us about the Physiogel’s latest products & their experience with it!

It was mind blowing! I have learned so much in just an hour’s time.

Followed by Carol Lin, an expert Facialist/Beauty Consultant showed us how to apply Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream properly – lather gently with even pressure on the face, don’t rub, press or pull down on it (no matter how rushed you are, haha)!

She showed us how the Physiogel cleanser also acts as a makeup remover. It acts the same like our milky cleanser, it does not need rinsing off with water, just pat dry with tissue will do. How convenient!

To allow us to understand the product better, we’re invited to experience it ourselves.

We were ushered to the make up dressing tables, for our personal make over session by professional make up artists. Of course, testing out the new Physiogel Calming Relief products at the same time!

Firstly, we had our make-up removed using the Physiogel Gentle Cream Cleanser.

It was gently massaged on my face, & then wiped off with facial tissue (just like how Carol did it earlier), & TADAH, my make-up is gone! Now, you can remove make up even in bed. Haha.

Then, applied a layer of Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream. I love how it absorbs into my skin almost immediately! Oh, did I mention that this acts as a superb make up base as well?

It is hard to believe this is without any make up, JUST Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream alone. I am surely amazed with how it makes my skin glows almost instantly! (For better effect, use Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream Rich that gives intense hydration the night before.)

My skin is well prepped for make up!
Believe me, make up will never look good on dry skin.

Make up done (without contouring), totally in love with the natural glow.
Now you know how the Korean achieve the dewy skin make up look. Heh.

& here’s my main takeaway from the media launch:-

– In our daily lives, our moisture barrier may be damaged, and our skin becomes sensitive, dry, and itchy. 2014 research from the Project Omnibus report finds that 50% women across Asia experience sensitive skin in their entire year. The reasons could be due to pollutants in the air and water, hormonal factors and stress. So if you feel that your face skin feels tight, uncomfortable or itchy, they you could be experiencing sensitive skin, it means that our skin’s moisture barrier is damaged.

– Asians have more sensitive skin compares to the other ethnic groups, prone to irritation because we have a thinner stratum corneum or the outermost layer of skin. As a result, our skin is extremely sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals, especially hot and humid weather conditions.

– One out of two women in Asia suffer from facial redness, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Skin dryness is a form of skin sensitivity & is a sign of disrupted skin. However, it CAN be cured! Redness is then lessened when skin is repaired.

– Physiogel uses BioMimic Technology that works to repair then skin’s natural moisture barrier. It creates lipids that naturally works with the lipids of the skin, repairing damaged skin which is dry and sensitive and strengthens your skin, to help to protect against penetration and entry of bacteria from the outside, and defends against internal water loss to lock in the moisture all day long.

– Dry & sensitive skin can cause premature aging, as dryness bring emphasis to wrinkles! (Oh my, I guess I should really start moisturizing my skin before considering the anti-aging products!)

When to moisturize your face? DON’T WAIT. Apply your moisturizer within minutes after your hot showers, or right after you have cleansed or patted dry your face. This helps to lock in moisture!

To be very honest, this is probably the first moisturizer that I’ve been using religiously, and do not face any issue like break outs. I am grateful!

Thank you Physiogel for inviting me to be a part of the Physiogel Inner Circle, it is truly an honour to be at their launch! This has changed my perceptions towards moisturizer completely! Thank you for challenging me to do complete my #14daychallenge with Physiogel, and experience the magic myself! I am amazed, redness faded off and my face is literally glowing now!

The Malaysian Physiogel Inner Circle, made up of leading beauty news editors, me and Melissa as Malaysia’s represents for social media influencers!

Many of you have been emailing me and asked if this really works! It works like magic for me, and I would like you to try it on your own, and experience the immediate benefit of it on dry skin!

Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care is now available at leading drug stores!

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