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JJ & me

Date : 5 September 2010
Event : JJ Lin 林俊杰100天 音乐实录 SUPER TOUR 2010 Fans Meet & Greet Session
Venue : Berjaya Times Square Hotel

So yea, i attended the JJ Lin 林俊杰100天 音乐实录 SUPER TOUR 2010 Fans Meet & Greet Session, a big big thanks to Nuffnang and Super for the passes. I might not be a huge huge fans of JJ Lin, but i have to admit I do love a numbers of his songs.

Dolled up a little before the event.

my bangs is now at the very frustfrating stage, too long to be bangs, and too shorts to make it a side fringe. ugh, FML, i end up pulling it all to the back. ugh.


oh, & since many were asking me bout the lens i am using, i guess i marr as well post it here.

you can get it from lens madness.  *wink


outfit of the day :

accessorized sleeve big lose top from stylolilo.
high waisted sailor pants from teetoo.

my vainy vain baby
oh, there’s a pimple popped out on his face, he’s trying hard to cover it!

# pose 1
cute max!


# pose 2


baby dropped me at the entrance of Times Square, then, i went to meet up with sweetheart, JIAJIA.

This is the first time this sweetheart of mine show face in my blog. We both clicked so well ever since the first time we met! we have so many things to talk about every time we meet each other. & coincidentally, we both have the same name!! as in, my name(tziatzia) is pronounced as ziazia, or the Mandarin phonetics equivalent, JiaJia. heh!


i look like a giant with huge head beside her. ugh! **sad max


There’s also many familiar faces there. A group photo with Ivy, Jessy, Wei Zhi, Joshua, Saimatkong, Jiajia, JamieLiew, Vivien, and NatalieChai. All the awesome nuffnangers.

credits to Joshua.


We were also given a SUPER ZONE pass for JJ Lin 林俊杰100天 音乐实录 SUPER TOUR 2010 showcase.


the ladies smiling happily with the passes in hand.

from left : the tall chic Jamiechin, the very adorable Natalie (I have heard a lot bout her from adelechow), the featured blogger Vvens, and me!


I know i couldn’t make it cause baby is waiting for me downstairs, and we both are starving like mad.

i gave my pass to Jiajia, so that she can bring her twin sister along with her.
they are both super hardcore fans of JJ Lin. Jiajia can be very happy just because she shakes hand wth JJ. *smile


JJ Lin’s finally arrived at 7p.m.
The first thing that caught his attention is a lil boy who dressed up exactly almost like how he did. & most of us were like, “gosh, damm cute!”.


Cameras were flashing all over when both of them struck the same pose.
&, very suay, that, my camera stuck on that moment. *frowns*

so, i went over to saimatkong’s blog, and stole this!! *winkwink!
very adorable, no? heh!


it was an lovely meet and greet session, most probably because of the laid back and down to the earth personalities of JJ Lin. i was still worried that it would be like a formal press conference sort of things before this, as JJ Lin is like some sort of big shot in the chinese music industry, i thought there would be many restrictions and things like that.





Jym, the MY FM DJ, conducted a short interview with JJ Lin on his life these days, and of course about his album. JJ expressed his detestation towards separation and talked a little about his tough time as a singer. He also revealed that there’s even time that he actually thought of giving up. awhhhh.


He had also answered a few question threw to him by his fans. do visit Saimatkong’s blog to know more about it as he did mentioned a few.


group photo with JJ Lin, Jamieliew almost slaughtered me because she claims that i had took her place standing beside her beloved JJ. heh! sorry sorry!


a clearer one (w/o red eyes) i took from saimatkong’s blog.


Session ends after the photo taking session.
all of them rushed down for the showcase.

as for me, i rushed to find baby. it’s dinner time!!
i feel guilty keeping him await for so long. :( it was said to end on 7p.m., but it ends up ended around 8p.m.

we left TimesSquare after that and went for dinner at Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Wisma UOA. baby went to see whether it’s full house, leaving me in the car.

& this is what happened, when i am left in the car, ALONE:

& again, i am wearing GEO SUPER NUDY GREY LENS from lens madness.


natural hand made false lashes is .


wink wink wink. **


excited, cause imma EAT!! teehee!


Checked, and there’s still tables.
we went down and started to stuff food in to our pity stomach, as we have been starving for hours. :(

Saisaki serves the same thing like Shogun does, but i think they serves better fried ebi. as in, fresher!


baby was too busy eating.


*no photos in between, we were both to0 busy eating**

baby fetched me home after the satisfying meal.
& baby hershey kept staring at me when i am counting Grace’s share for our online business.


i then have her to camwhore with me.


yes, she has grown up ALOT, but she’s still as cute!!


also, took a photo of lil sister and baby hershey.
aww, lovely!!!


& that’s all for now.


  • Oo cool u got to meet JJ lin. Im not a fan though. Im a fan of ur dog! haha.

  • aww lovely! :) can i have the pretty camwhore pics. hehehe. and the group picture in your camera! thanks tzia. it was fun yday aint it? :)

  • chris – heh! fans of baby hershey! wow! thank you!

    vvens – ok. i will send it to you yea! yesh, & i actually thought it would be quite boring at first!!!

  • you look awesome!! :D

  • Eh its JAMIE LIEW not JAMIECHIN la hahahaha. NOOB LA YOU.
    LOL why you mention at your blog say you’ve heard a lot from me bout Nat!! LATER NAT PERASAN AHAHHAHA

  • Jiajia, one of the model of Kaspersky last pc fair right?
    My junior xD ….
    Owh, didnt really notice when you mentioned both of your name pronounce equivalent!

    Your baby Hershey really grown up a lot compare last time. :D
    But as you said, still cute!!!!!!

  • mojojo – aww. thankiew! <3

    adele - oops. edited d!! heh! haha! nth one marr, she's nat not adele!

    tracy - haha, now you know! *wink* yup, she's damm chubby now! <3

  • Hello girl :D I love ur blog so muchh :D And ur pics are awesome :) Can I know u use which software 2 edit ur pics?

  • vincci – heh! thanks a lot! <3 i am using photoscape as my main photo editor. :)

  • awesome!!!!

  • joshuaongys – thankiew! ^^

  • Oo then how u made ur picture seemed fade at the sides and the curve part? Because I had photoscape too but don’t really know the features inside. Sorry :$

  • awesomesauce! =p

  • vincci – i use frame only worr? go explore it, it’s fun!

    saimatkong – heh! thankiewwwwww ^^

  • hey u look good too even with you bangs all pulled up…so no worries k!! (: not everyone can pull off that look..heh

  • peiwern – aww. really? <3 thank you! heh!

  • Pretty pictures!!!!! Didn’t get the chance to chat with ya, but Nice meeting u babe!

  • you sot me with your eyes. HAHAHA ! full of electric :D
    and looking good with bangs pulled up! :)

  • jessy – thankiew pretty! nice to meet you too, hope to see you again soon! ^^

    freda – haha, is it?! you come here make me happy again ah? heh!

  • hehe ! yeap ! i never cheat one :D

  • Where you bought your natural hand made false lashes :)

  • reiko – i am selling it, if you are interested, go to http://www.tziaaa-closet.com

  • I buy from lens from this website, with cheaper price and free postage. http://classicgeolens.blogspot.com/ :)

  • Ahhh, thank you! ^^

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  • may i know where did you make the necklace with your name? is that expensive?

  • omg ur dog looks exactly like my alfie. hahahaha i think they should have a date!!

  • eric – really?! haha, but my dog is super manja+precessie! haha!

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