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Korean Perm @ C.Michael Lifestyle Saloon

“My mood depends on how good my hair looks.”
I got to agree that good hair is the key to look & feel good instantly.

I have been keeping this long straight hair for years &; didn’t know what to do.

Though it really makes me feel happy when I get true nice compliments on my curled hair, most of the days I am still in my boring straight hair. Reason being, it’s god damm hard to maintain my curled hair. First, my hair is really thick, it takes extremely long to curl it. Second, my hair texture is naturally straight, it’s like a mission impossible to keep the curl throughout the day.

Cut the craps, I need a hair makeover!

I went to C.Michael Lifestyle Saloon, at Bangsar Telawi.
I told the team I would love to have wavy hair.

But, definitely not like this. (now, please tell me what’s in my mind 6 years back.)
& yes, this is how hairstyle & eyebrow can affect one’s look.


After discussing with my hairstylist, Steve, I felt really comfortable to put complete faith & trust in him for my hair makeover. I am not exaggerating, hair plays such an important role in how you would look, you wouldn’t want to screw it up.

K O R E A N Soft Perm, in process.

Done, & when he’s blowing dry my hair, I knew I am right to put faith in Steve. He is simply amazing! The end result is exactly what I wanted, if not even better than what I have in mind!

Tadah! This is the end result!
I am totally in love with it.

Please be noted that do not expect to see this result if you do not plan to maintain it. You got to take a quick 10-15mins to style it. Well, it might seems like a chore. But, these gorgeous to die for wavy hair will motivate you to do it. Believe me. Happiness is, free flowing wavy hair.

Truly, there’s no ugly woman in the world, only lazy woman.

Big thanks to Steve!

I went home with the whole set C.Michael Stem Cell Scalp & Hair Care Product.

You will not regret to invest in good shampoo, conditioner, treatments & serum.
It’s a good head start for beautiful hair.

They keep my hair soft & bouncy. Not to mention, the serum smells really good & gives me tangle free hair! I am indeed very amazed on how affordable it can be. You can now pamper your hair without burning your wallet!

If you are interested, do visit them:

C.Michael Lifestyle Saloon
Address: Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-2201 3673
Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Also, check them out:

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Cheers to beautiful hair! Heh!


  • when you say have to style it for 10 mins, do you mean curl it everyday?

  • Joy – Yeap. But because it’s permed. It’s very easy & quick to curl it. (:

  • How much is the perm ? So pretty

  • please could you show us a photo if it is not curled for a day?

  • May I know where did you get your eyebrows done? Pricing wise, and contact details? Thanks in advance :)

  • samatha – hi dear. mine is around RM200, it differs according to length & hair texture yea. you can call over for enquire yea!

    joy – hie joy. it will look kinda straight with a little wave. this perm is to make your curl last longer & easier to create. :D

    Liv – hie liv. I did it at IMIXX. Please check out my latest post yea! :D

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