prevention is better than cure

Ladies, I believe, unplanned pregnancy, is probably the thing you wish it would never happen.


The Yes, I Can campaign, is here to help.

The Yes, I Can campaign is an initiative that seeks to tackle the issue of unplanned pregnancies and abandoned babies by empowering women to make informed and inspired choices about their sexual health and contraceptive options. The campaign aims to educate young women about unplanned pregnancies and contraception, as well as encourage open discussion between them and their healthcare professionals on the benefits and choice of effective contraception.

Babies are just too adorable to be abandoned! Use Oral Contraceptive to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Oral Contraceptive is one of the many birth control options available today. The Pill is a reversible, highly effective prescription method of birth control. It is a monthly series of pills that is taken orally.

There are mainly two types of oral contraceptive pills (OCPs): Combination pill – contains two female hormones (oestrogen and progestin). And Progestin-only pill (POP) – contains only progestin. Progestin also promote production of thick, opaque mucus, which acts as a barrier to sperm, as sperm can only pass through clear, thin mucus.

Apart from pregnancy prevention, the latest 24/4 regimen oral contraceptive pill offer women a wide range of additional health benefits such as treatment of moderate acne, treatment of symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) – which is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and regulating menstrual cycles. Many women differ in their response to oral contraceptives depending upon their menses type (light flow, moderate flow, heavy flow), their body type (underweight, normal weight, overweight) and their ovarian hormone sensitivity (oestrogen-sensitive, androgen-sensitive, progesterone-sensitive).

The new 24/4 regimen oral contraceptive pill is a low dose, combined oral contraceptive pill. It combines two types of hormones, an estrogen and a progestogen. The progestogen, which is called Drospirenone (DRSP®), offers benefits because it has a positive influence on skin and fluid retention. Yes, it helps to treats acne! Also, It is the first & only pill that indicated for PMDD (a more severe form of PMS).

About 100 million women worldwide use combination oral contraceptives (COCs). If it’s used properly, COCs have 99% success rate and is one of the most effective reversible forms of birth control available to women today. Nine out of every 10 contraceptive users in the world rely on modern methods.

Yes, I Can Challenge is a challenge that Malaysians nationwide can channel their creativity toward addressing a good cause and stand to win RM10, 000 in cash. The Yes, I Can challenge calls on Malaysian adults aged 18 and above to support and be advocates for Yes, I Can by making an impactful difference on the issue at hand. The challenge comprises two components: A team or individual proposal (in 1,000 words or less) on how the issue of unplanned pregnancies can be addressed; A poster designed to accompany the proposal submitted. For more info, go to

Also, there’s a Spot the Sticker Contest held every month; four lucky participants will stand a chance of winning attractive prizes through three simple steps. Firstly, acquire a Yes, I Can car sticker from participating pharmacies which are easily identifiable through Yes, I Can stickers on the shop front.

Then, log on to and register your car number. Lastly, stick the Yes, I Can car sticker on your car and be spotted!

Yes, I Can Car Sticker.

Deborah Henry, Miss Malaysia World 2007, has been appointed as the Yes, I Can ambassador alongside popular TV personality Julie Woon and online personality Nicole Tan. With Deborah, Julie and Nicole working together, these three influential figures will advocate the importance of empowering women to make choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health as well as the effective use of contraception.

Julie Woon said that “Young people get most of their information on sex related topics – such as protection and prevention methods – from their friends, who are not the most reliable and accurate source when it comes to such matters. Yes, I Can is crucial as it will provide accurate information that can be shared with peers and will empower them to make informed choices about their sexual health and contraceptive options.” I have to agree with that, because I have even heard people saying eating watermelon can prevent you from getting pregnant. Lol.

Last but least, in order to promote the correct protection and prevention methods, The Yes, I Can campus campaign road show will bring the campaign to young women through campus visits to universities and colleges in the Klang Valley. Each campus visit will feature games for students, talks on sexual health and contraception by healthcare professionals, pledge board to collect signature from students, and sharing sessions by Deborah Henry on unplanned pregnancies.

After all, we are the one who decide what we want.



  • hi, can i know how u get all these advetorial?
    is with payment right?

  • cynthia – nuffnang. :)

  • Yeeeeee why didn’t say where to get the prescription geh? I want to buy some for my grandma, she has to stop producing more uncles for me.

  • ernnnn, uhhhh? your grandma?

  • I think teenager now a day think less compare to previous generation.

    Previous generation, think too much, action slow…

    Now generation, action 1st then only scare…

  • DSvT – that’s a remember should be given often enough. :) as i said, prevention is better than curb. :)

  • If you talk to most of your friends, the general sentiment is one of shyness and fear. There’s no openness involved in talking about sex. Hence, the awareness is low. I think this campaign is unique in that it promotes open discussion about the issue at hand, and encouraging women to talk to their gynaes.

    I would say 9 out of 10 of my friends think OC pills cause a tonne of side effects and it kills your fertility. but that’s not true. Check it out more at

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