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7 deadly sins

I have been questioning myself all the time, why are you so unhealthy even though I have been treating you so well? I really thought I have been treating you very well.

I used to blow dry you every time to make sure you wouldn’t look damp and flat. But, people told me that over drying ones hair causes the strands to dry-out and then break.

From then, I don’t blow dry you anymore. I towel dry you instead. I admit I have been very rough way when I towel dry you, because it saves lots of time.

& then, I get to know that towel drying ones hair can cause damage, more so when done in a rough, vigorous manner. It causes friction, breakage and frizzy hair. Ahhhh.

And so, I started to have a habit to comb you a few times before I towel dry you, because the drying process will be so much easier and less messy. I thought you wouldn’t like getting all tangled up, I thought, I must be a genius!

But, I later on got to know that excessive brushing or combing ones hair right out of the shower can seriously damage your hair. Hair is most vulnerable to breaks and tears when wet. Oh, FML.

I am really sorry, I didn’t know I have put you in so much pain.
but, still, i get really frustrated when you looks so frizzy.

I thought it would be better for me and you if I got you all tied up.

Cause you wouldn’t need to say good bye to your friends due to the excessive breakage, and I will look good with you being so. Then again, they told tight braids or pony tails can damage hair, sometimes irreversibly. Buns, in particular, put strands of hair through considerable contortions and are not recommended for fragile or brittle hair. In addition to creating split, frayed ends and irregular broken areas, it pulls painfully on the scalp, causing redness and sensitivity.

I feel bad, but it’s still okay, because I did not make you a bun.
sadly, the spilt end getting more and more serious.

& so, I thought I shall give you your freedom by not tying you all up anymore.

I dyed my hair one tone darker, straightened it every single time before I go out, just because I am desperate to achieve a healthier looking hair. :(

But, without me realize I have make things worse. Hair dyes causes huge damage to you, you become rougher, frizzier and more fragile than before. Straightening you too had actually burn you making you drier than ever.


I am really sorry, but, I don’t know what can I do anymore.

It saddened me when the canteen’s auntie said:”eh, lenglui, I think you should go for a hair cut, tsk tsk tsk, look at the ugly split end.

I was totally speechless. T_T

I still remember how silky smooth you used to be, sigh. FML.
If only, I know these deadly sins earlier, I would treat you better.

no cheers today, I am very much depressed. Please tell me I am not the only one commiting these deadly sins. Aren’t these “sins” what we girls usually do to our hair every single day? :(


  • for a guy, i only commit 1 sin, that is to straighten d hair. Lol same straightener btw.

  • even guys straightened their hair! Heh! What more when we are girl with way longer hair? Right?

  • arggh, i have the same problem with..
    i guess mine even more worst than u..

  • i straighten my hair everyday , and i blow dry it everyday T_T
    i committed 2 out of the 7 sins mentioned ! anyway, love this post :D

  • Ruki – you too committed all the 7 sins! Oh ohhhh…

    Freda – *high 5* haha, we just want to look pretty marr horrr. >.< Heh! Thanks candy!

  • I do straighten my hair when i go out everytime too! Well, that’s one thing i have to do before leaving the house. *Vainnnn* :b Then after getting my hair washed, it looked all brittle and dry and not to mention, my hair starts to drop. So i started using the dove hair fall therapy combing serum. It works like magic! After using it for the first time, my hair looks healthier and not to mention less hair dropping.

    Hehe! i think i’ll better stop here. Getting real naggy already D:

  • Ahhh, we girls are all vain! Dove?! Like seriously, it works?! Okay okay, I shall really try it out!!! Thanks a lot! :)

  • 等到连CANTEEN 阿姨都讲的时候,真的还蛮该注意了~~ :S

  • 是咯,哎,真的有夠殘!

  • you have big eyes here! :D
    i read a few blogger posting the same topic..why ar?

  • Probably because we all sudd feel very guilty about it? Heh! Thank you.

  • 你可以让它自然干啊,在风扇低下。不去抹也不去吹

  • 嗯,那不會損壞頭髮,是最懶惰也最方便的做法。。。 可是,要等很久。。。:(

  • 哈哈,美女该耐心一点啊 xD 为了头发耐心一点,那它就会感受到你“爱”它,它也会“爱”回你了。呵呵 ><

  • aww poor hair!

  • Yungshin – 呃?! 頭髮也懂得知”愛”圖報?

    Fish – en… :(

  • Hey girl, my hair more worst than yours last time, but i try brand Asience, my hair become better a lot a lot, i love my hair now, and my bf love it too^^

  • Oh, I’ve heard of Asience. Last time, my friend shinyee work for that brand. Wah, really so good? Perhaps I should try it out also.

  • 自然干其实对头皮很不好,因为潮湿。。。
    put on alot treatment, protein, moisture cream/gel/oil at the ends of ur hair before blowing. My hair stylist say blow to 80% dye is okay ardy. too dry may cause split end or over dyeness so ur hair will be very “Cui”.
    if u wan straighten ur hair or thong ur hair, u can apply some “heat protection?” cream. u can bought it from any saloon/beauty warehouse.
    oh ya, one more thing, pantene 3 minutes miracle is really really awesome. abt RM17/3 tubes sometimes watson got offer abt RM13+. apply it then twist ur hair ( something like massage for ur HAIR. not roots and scape) so it can absorb better.

    i use to blow my hair everyday, thong my hair everyday and dye my hair every few months. but my hair still look good :)

  • CASH – really, natural dry of harms the hair?!! hmmm, now that really surprised me! thank you!

  • Ya! I not sure about other but is really good for me, i use whole set, not expensive also, can try it^^

  • yivon – okay! it’s really convincing ;p

  • This post is like a edited version of Ringo’s “7 deadly sins of hair” ==

  • bree – yesh la, me ah, adelechow ah, 4feet9 ah, vvens ah all pakat edit together de marr. you didn’t know?! *laughhhhh

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