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Christmas // Day & Party Look – Fast Make-up Tips

Hohoho, it’s C H R I S T M A S again! Have you planned for your Christmas look?

Christmas make up can be a little different from your usual every-day-make up. Hence, it’s SHOPPING TIME. I have stocked up all the make-up products I need for this Christmas from Pavilion KL with just RM500! I have created two looks using these products, one for the day, & another for the party!

Here’s what I got:

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow // Soft Brown (FREE two lipnicure)
M.A.C. Irresistibly Charming Patent Polish // Pink
Shu Uemura Drawing Pencils // Matte White & Glitter Gold
Tony Moly Face Mix Eye Primer
– Tony Moly Delight Mono Shadow // Pink & Shimmer Pink
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Here goes the first look that I’ve created.

The day look.

As far as we’re concerned, though it’s Christmas, the day look has to so kept minimal. The main highlight for this look will be the white liner, which can guarantee you to look fresh & well rested. (after the Christmas eve party, hehe.)
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Let’s get started;
a plain face with only BB cream on.
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#1 Draw a perfect brown

Admit it, we are all brows concerned. Because not only brows is the frame of the eyes, it can instantly add polish to your whole look! Um, #browgamestrong, yes.

I have known about this Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow since my Korean trip, & finally decided to get it in the name of Christmas. Haha.

I have my brows embroided, #lazytips! However, if you would like to have a brow that looks like it’s embroided without going through the pain and all. I would strong recommend this! I am using this too to make sure my brows look good ALL THE TIME.


– Use the brow pen to draw your desired brow shape, after your bedtime cleansing. & leave it, overnight. Fret not, it has tested to not cause any allergy reaction, & it’s totally safe to use.
– Wake up, wash your face as usual. The temporary tattoo-ed brows will stay.
– Further define your brow using the brow mascara. It’s lighter than the brow pen, perfect for those who has their hair dyed into lighter colors. For me, a minimal amount of the mascara define and color my brows perfectly. & it stays through the day.

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#2 Do not neglect your eyelid

I don’t usually wear eye shadow during day, hence tony moly eye primer that can be worn by itself is a perfect fit. It helps to even out skin colour and discolorations, especially helpful for my darkened eyelid. This helps to get rid of tired looking eyes.
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Even better, this can be used on the under eyes, & lips. Just like how it makes eye makeup last longer, it works the same for your concealer & lip colours. Afterall, I guess you don’t have to always use makeup the way the packaging says.

#3 Matte White Eyeliner

This is the highlight of this make up. White liner typically make your eyes look larger. It brighten eyes, makes you appear instantly awake! Not just the after-christmas-eve-party-effect, with the usual busy schedule, there’s almost impossible to look bright & awide all the time.

But, it’s CHRISTMAS, you got to at least fake it!
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Simple enough, with just a swipe of white liner on the lower eyes, you eyes instantly pop!
This is a great tip to cast the focus onto your eyes.

I just came to agreement that white liner is the new black!
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#Lipstick as Blusher

I am using M.A.C. Irresistibly Charming Patent Polish – Pink Patent, as my blusher; Erm, it works just like cream blush. Using this as blusher, because you hardly find blusher in this shade. It gives you the healthy pink flush in the darker tone that add contour to your features.
1 (8)

The texture is smooth & creamy, I really like how it melts & blends into my skin so perfectly.
p.s.// it stays nicely for hours.
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#4 Lipnicure – Manicure for your lips

First try & I’m in love. The bold color caught me first, then I am amazed on how it’s so easy to apply. It really last, at least it doesn’t fade of after eating/drinking.

I am using the nasty pink!
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With that, I completed my CHRISTMAS day look! It’s really simple, however good enough to ensure you to have a Instagram worthy Christmas selfie!
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The Christmas Party Look!

If there’s a time for glitter, it’s Christmas. Alongside with the matte white eyeliner, I am also using the glitter gold eyeliner & pink eyeshadow for this look!

Here, I have my BB cream on, & eye brow filled.

#1 Bling the eyes

The star products for this look.
The Shu Uemura Drawing Pencilsl, Matte White & Glitter Gold.

I started off with the matte white eyeliner on the upper & outer eyelid. It does wonder, giving the eyes the effect of a shimmery eye shadow. Followed with the glitter gold eyeshadow on the bottom eyes, to finish up the sparkling sophisticated look!

#2 Pink Eyeshadow

I brave myself to pull pink shadow, one of the most daring beauty trend.

To avoid looking like an infected lab rat, I keep the pink eyeshadow away from your lower eyes. I am using the tony moly delight mono shadow. Matte pink as the base, & the shimmer pink to topped on the matte one.

Tony moly eyeshadow is buttery & easy to apply. As you can see, it’s really pigmented too. I like how the pink shadow brighten up my whole lid, and give the happy feeling. Perfect for this festive season!

#3 Fearless Red Lips

I am using M.A.C. Irresistibly Charming Patent Polish – Fearless Red to complete the party look. It works well as both blusher & lipstick.

Undeniably, all you need is a slick of red lipstick to get into the Christmas party look.

Festive season is always the perfect opportunity to try out a bold new look!
Never know white, gold & pink make such a good combination (:



If you are interested, these brands are featuring their beautiful festive make up set too:
Nars, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Laura Mercier, Innisfree, etc.

Go check it out yourself!

For more information, do visit for the latest trends and gift ideas this Christmas!

Happy Shopping, Happy Styling!



  • You look gorgeous with the makeup <3 Thanks for the tips and Merry Christmas !

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