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It was a busy Saturday with lots of appointments ahead, but Tongue in Chic bazaar just got us all ( adelechow, ameliaang and me) there. It’s irresistible for shopaholics like us, they have got almost everything there, be it brand new or pre loved.

Chic POP Street Market was at TTDI Plaza. TTDI Plaza is so near yet so far because we kept losing our way, and ended up went to Mont Kiara instead, FOL. Brilliant I called my walking GPS, baby, and he guided us all the way to TTDI plaze, ish, should have called him earlier. So yea, we are able to reach there around 4pm, parked “illegally” and rush up to the bazaar. Amelia and Adele grabbed clothes real fast, in 10mins time, they already have 2-3 pieces in hand. &, I’ve got nothing. -.-

Walked around, and there’s this booth that caught my attention.
Probably it was crowded with human beings.

Being the usual curious me, I walked nearer to check things out.
I saw —- “DIY make your own whisper pouch”.

I am that type of person that I know I sux in it, yet it wouldn’t stop me from trying.
Yes, I mean sewing.

I love ribbons, and those pretty ribbons on the deck really got me glued.

I then got myself an undecorated pouch and start working on it while the two girls continue their shopping.

& tadah.. this is the end product!! **veryproud

Ern, actually…. I lied, that’s not mine. -.- That belongs to a pretty girl that can sew really good.
Mine? Errr, I think I shouldn’t exposed it here, buttons and ribbons dropping here and there. *closedeyes.

still, it’s a good experience, I’d say.

Besides the ready-made pouches you can pimp up with chio studs and blings, you can also be part of the ‘Photo Taking’ camaraderie at the ‘Happy Overnights by Whisper’ booth that took place during Chic POP Street Market 5 on the 9th of October 2010 at TTDI Plaza. We girls are challenged to demonstrate the freedom of movement and assurance and pose cheekily in front of the camera.

The ultimate poser will be in the running to win a slumber party with four other friends at the Ritz Carlton. &, you will be receiving a sleepover bag filled with toiletries, cosmetics and skincare for each and every one of you to take you through the experience. Sweet, yes?! I WAS THERE, but sadly, I don’t have the time to take a photo! **regret maxxxxxx!

But its okay, I am now in the process of capturing photo of me, because, I can still send in my entries to with the header: ‘Happy Overnights by Whisper’. Want to see my photo? Be patient, you will see it at, soon!

Closing date is on the 28 November 2010 and the winners will be announced on 19 November 2010.

Also, I received a super long WHISPER nights sample, coincidently, this is exactly the one I am using now. I like it a lot. It’s my life saver, because I never like thick pads, but you know it’s just kind of impossible to wear thin pad to bed cause you are so gonna get your bed stained. Ugh, that sucks. my mom then recommended me to use Whisper Super Long Overnights! The pad is not very thin, but its superb absorbency will defos make you forgive the other. Plus, it does not cause any discomfort, this is something that got me totally blew away!

thinking of trying it?

here come the chance, because I will giving away 10 samples. all you need to do is, to leave a comment on my blogpost (with your blog url) answering this question: ‘Describe yourself in one word.’ (eg. fresh/vibrant etc). The first 10 answers will win, and will be contacted by the Nuffnang staff.

If you have the same problem like me, Whisper will definitely be your period nights’ best friend!

p.s. – i really want to win the slumber party with four other friends at the Ritz Carlton. it’s like so “gossip girls” feel! fellow lovelies, let’s take part together!



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