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this week

my classes started this week.
& i went back to Kampar.

oh, there’s Mcd at Kampar already (i had it 7 times in one week time, -.-), but, that didn’t make me like Kampar, still. the weather there is still as bad, it was so bad that  i COULDN’T even take my nap though i am dead tired. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, I actually felt like i am BBQ-ed alive on my bed, FML. &, to make thing worst, i was PMS-ing for the one whole week, which makes everything/everyone around me seems to be so wrong. i was really surprised that how some people can be that selfish, and irresponsible. it breaks my heart, to see how “friends” login to FRIENDSHIP when they need you, and log out from it when they think there’s nothing in you that would benefits them anymore. ugh. all these shyts had successfully turned me into a depressed biatch, my twitter proved it all.

the only consolation is that i’ve got awesome housematesand some old friends there which never failed to pull me out from depression and put a smile on my face, unintentionally. *smile. also, in order to stops myself from being not okay, i actually have my fav. “朵朵小語” with me 24/7 to cheer me up and keep me motivated when i feel like dying.

good thing is, all those depressed shyt ends (temporarily) right when weekends approach. because, those are the days that I can get away from Kampar.

baby picked me up from KL sentral, and we went to The Gardens for movie date.
heard that “the other guys” is good, so watched it. &, i rate it 5/10.

it wasn’t bad, pretty hilarious, i had a good laugh after one hell week.
but, just, it isn’t THAT good.


period’s cramp started right after the movie ended. T.T
baby said i need something hot to make my stomach feel better, i suggested hot soup.

so, went to this soup station at Midvalley.


me with my pale face and, my 6 inches shorter hair.


ordered set meal:
soup in bread + bites = rm12.50

deffos worth the money!

soup (clam chowder).
baby and I think it’s a lil tad salty.


cheese and ham sandwich.

i think this is good.


how to savor the soup and bread?
baby is doing the job.


stomach felt so much better after drinking the hot clam chowder soup.


went home after that, cause baby want me to have more rest. wasn’t really feeling well, and that explains the lack of photos.

reached home on 3pm, mummy made me my fav. ABC soup , drank, and i dozed off on mom’s bed. i actually slept my whole afternoon off (slept 4 hours straight), how nice! no distractions and super comfy, unlike kampar! gahhhh! if i were given a choice once again, i die die also wouldn’t choose to study in Kampar. sigh!

anyhoo, cheers to the awesome weekend!
**big wide smile!!


  • take care ! you looked like you are really very tired :(

    *sayang* :)

  • freda – basically exhausted. :'( i will, thank you!

  • U sound lk u’re the paris hilton who is being forced to stay in a village.. I was in KL for the past week and the weather is terrible and it’s so damn hot down here too.. It’s the matter of air-cond and global warming, not of the location. Save ur Ms. Paris Hilton attitude for good sake.

  • U’re studying at Kampar? My frens too =)
    Anyway, take care ya ^^
    Please post ur newest pics after using the b.liv!!
    I wanna see the great results =D

  • Passbyer- then there must be millions of clone of paris hilton back there in kampar, I guess? Lol.

    P.s. – I know I don’t belong there. so yea, excuse me yea! :p

    Ironchick – hey girl, saw my reply the other day? anyway, thanks for your concern! Alright, sure I will :)

  • Take care!
    Drink more water :)

  • tzia, ur bf very caring !! always send you here and there. hey he is a little too thin d, you must feed him more ok!

  • tracy – thanks girl! i will :) ♥

    guest – heh, yeah, he is ♥. ngek, i will deffos stuff him with more food! ^^

  • No, i nvr c ur reply dy after my reply ><

  • Ironchick – Ahhh, really?! I replied!

  • I replied hw 2 meet up…den no reply from u dy =(

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