Connect Group 1

I have been a christian for quite some time, however, I have never attended any cell group.
Slowly, i came to learn that, Christianity was never intended to be a solo ride. And, I start to seek for attachment.

I started off attending connect group.
Not a cell group, basically, a smaller version of it. We just get together, do life together and talk about God.

The first connect group that I attended was held at Johan’s place, The Verve Suites. I love his place, very decent, and it really does adds on the warm and fuzzy feeling.

Before we start, we had a great catch up session with one another, while enjoying the food prepared.

Adele bought us caesar salad with salmon slices from W.I.P., rm80 for this salad. overpriced. *oh well, it is really nice though.* & marinated chicken nicely done by Johan. ❤

really clean & healthy dinner. :D

We later then continue with the Praise & Worship session. We have Leonard, the superb guitarist to lead us, worshiping and singing praises to God. To Father God be all honor, glory and praise! Amen!

Did bible studies and discussion. It is just really important to know God’s word, it gives us the spiritual guidance we need to show us the meaning and purpose of life.

Psalms 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

After that, we took turns to share on our personal life, & what are the things that the Lord had done for us in the past 1 week. At first, I thought I will feel uncomfortable sharing the little little details of my life, but to this group of people, I opened up my heart. Sharing my heart before God & giving God praise for all the blessings HE gave.

Then we prayed, for each one & another. We hear God through prayers.

I enjoyed every bits of those moments that we praying with each other, celebrating the blessings together, & helping each other move. I truly believe it is in such a community that I can live the life of a true Christian. ❤

And, it is in a connect group like this, you meet people that become lifelong friends. You find out that you are not alone in your struggles.

Oh yea, if you are wondering.

From left to right.
Leonard the rock star guitarist, Adele (you all knows her), yours truly, Johan the podiatrist, & Bryan the youtuber!

Well. that’s all for now.

Cheers! ❤

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