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Breakfast for Parents

Continue from my previous post on my AIG #pledgefortomorrow campaign…

I am fulfilling my pledge in this post, to wake up early & make a good breakfast for my parents.
I am glad that I actually completed this task with my very limited cooking skill!

This is what I prepared for my parents! I decided to go with something healthy & easy!
Big breakfast with fresh fruits dessert.




Firstly, I went to stock up some groceries! Strawberries, Oranges, Pancake flour, Sausages, Eggs, Hams, Tomatoes, Baked Beans, Bread & Butter Garlic Spread.

I woke up on 7am & started preparing (with my little sister assisting me, I am pleasantly surprise on how well we can work together, heh!). Well, it’s actually quite an effort to do this, I salute mom’s persistence in preparing breakfast for me every day for the past 24 years.


Here’s the best parents in the whole universe!
Sometimes it makes me wonder what I have done to deserve such great parents.

Today is a working day for dad, but I pre-booked him and told him I will be preparing breakfast for him.
He’s surprised, haha.

Their smile matters the most.
Nothing else has made me happier.

Mom is always the best cook in my family, & dad will always give generous compliments to whatever mom cooked! I am blessed with such fabulous parents, who I genuinely enjoy spending time with them since young.

We shared small talks over the breakfast – nothing too serious in discussions, just small little talks on how our works are, what we are doing recently and some small episodes that happened in our lives that we find interesting. We wished we could share more, but time was calling for us to fulfil our responsibilities. We then proceed to leave our house to our work.

Family time is sacred time.
Honestly, I really feel like I should do this more often.

At the same time, I guess scheduling family time & really make plans around it really does give you a better quality family time. Well, I wouldn’t want to have my dad rushing off to work when I prepared breakfast for him.

Too often, we took the quantity of time we “might” see each other for granted, we tend to think that it’s easy for us to see each other since we are staying in the same house; and we can always do it again any other time if our “family-time plan” didn’t happen this time.
But believe me, it hardly happen again.

So, make time & make plans for your parents. You will be amazed at how much better your relationship with your parents get when you do.

Big thanks to AIG #pledgefortomorrow campaign that have reminded me to spend more quality time with my parents. Thank you for reminding me to initiate the “quality family time plans” with my parents, & to put smile on their face. Good times like this don’t last forever, but memories stay with us for life.

Upon fulfilling the pledge, you will need to post it on your Instagram account (make sure that your account is set to public) with the hashtag #pledgefortomorrow in order to be eligible to win either:

(1) High tea session at a 5-star hotel;
(2) A family trip to Bukit Gandah Elephant Sanctuary; or
(3) A family cooking session with Le Cordon Bleu trained chef

with 9 other family members. Good news is transportation will be arranged for the winners, and the entire event will be photographed by a professional photographer. All you need to do, is, ENJOY with your family.

Now, stay tuned to the AIG Pledge for Tomorrow microsite, my blog and Instagram on the 21st November as I will be revealing a special treat for you!

That’s all for now.


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