Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine

If you have been following me at Insta or FB, you would have realize that the ever so awesome Carlsberg has lately launched the Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine rewarding the boldest friendship.

Last weekend, together with my #annoyingbff, adelechow, we went to catch the Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine at Pavillion. Time to win some beers, *we were so confident*.

So, what’s the Carlsberg’s FriendshipChallenge?

Stage one, hold on to the beer bottle with only one finger. Don’t let go and don’t move. We thought it wasn’t so hard afterall.

Almost let go the bottle, when it shows “Level Completed”, the marshall quickly told us that we have to hold on to the bottle till the end. Oops!

Stage 2, holds the bottle and avoid the fire balls. We started to get a little nervous, as it’s definitely not as easy as what you see. We were literally trying so hard to win.

Still, together, we completed that level. *so much love, haha…*

Stage 3, which is the final stage, to place all the bottles into the bucket.

Everyone around is cheering for us which we felt even more stressed up, gosh! Thank God, we completed the challenge.

We had totally underestimated the tasks. Anyhow, good one, it has been awhile since I have so much fun with this #annoyingbff of mine.

Challenge completed.

We were first rewarded with a #selfie. (Y) Check it out here for my photos and where the #CarlsbergFriendtastic machine will be at next!

Also, nicely rewarded with an ice cold Carlsberg! The success pose, yes, we nailed it! Yayyy to free beer! :D

If you’d also like to win so free beer, hurry up, check out where their machine will be next at here.

Met Aricyong there, thanks for introducing me this super fun thing.

Keep Calm, Accomplish mission, Drink Beer & Smile!

Thanks dear for being such a sweetheart, capturing all these nice photos for me while I was having fun.

I spent the rest of the day, catching up with these two VIPs in my life, laughing over silly things, while sipping on the ice cold beer.

Twas, a good Saturday! Splendid! Thank you Carlsberg, for levelling up friendship over all these years! Cheers!

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