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Overprotective Boyfriend

Just a few days ago, had a conversation with a friend. Discussing about “Over-protective boyfriend”, & it makes me think a lot. (note: this has nothing to do with all my previous relationship, it’s just a thought.)

I am a typical cancerian that is extremely sensitive when it comes to trust. Cancerian is most of the time insecure, and often have a hard time trusting other people, it will take quite some time for them to actually give you their complete trust. However, having all these traits, I guess it’s pretty hard to deal with a over-protective boyfriend. Well, there’s a very thin line between being overprotective-and-caring. Here is it:


Basically, you need to update him on everything you are doing when you both are not together. Imagine, you were sick on bed, and missed a few calls. But the first message you get is “WHERE ARE YOU? WHICH GUY ARE YOU WITH? WHY YOU MISSED MY CALLS?” Then, you have to explain that you are sick; and worst, he asked you to prove yourself that you are sick, that you are not out with the other guys. You have to then take a selfie of you on bed resting to end the endless dramas. After everything, he replied, “OK, rest well then, love you!” Oh well! ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

Well, he is obviously more worried that you are out hanging out with others than the fact that you are unwell. After getting the answer he wants, he no longer bother if you are actually okay.


As a typical cancerian, I would give my full devotion when I am in a relationship. I admit myself as a very clingy and possesive(maybe?) girlfriend. Yet, I understand, everyone needs space to breathe!

An overprotective boyfriend will stifle you with his insecurity. He is only happy when your life revolves around him and his life. Even on time when he is busy, he wish that you could just stay at home. He probably forgotten that even before he enters your life, you have family, friends & colleagues. It’s initially cute that he wants you to be with him 24/7, but it will eventually add poison to a relationship. You will sooner later start hiding every meet up with your friends from him to avoid argument because you want this relationship so much, but such suffocating relationship that lack of honesty can never last for a longer duration.


You can never laugh at any other guy’s joke, because he sees it as you are encouraging that guy to flirt with you. He would constantly melts you by telling you how attractive you are, then convinced you that every guy that talks to you or even offers you a ride has a crush on you. If you ever go for a lunch with a guy friend, he would make you feel like a awful partner who’s cheating on your man. You would then probably avoid doing anything that may even remotely offend him because you are too lazy to explain yourself over and over again, Sooner or later, without you realizing, you start to isolate yourself.

At least for me, I would be emotionally drained. Cancerians are emotional and extremely vulnerable to accusation. ~(>_<~) Well, afterall, women, ourselves are pretty confusing. We want our boyfriends to be insecure and possessive (because we find it cute! wtf!) ヽ(・_・;)ノ and at the same time we argue that we want to have some space in the relationship. I guess, we all just have to learn to love moderately to ensure a long lasting relationship. We have to always remember that faith and trust is always the basic foundation of all relationship.

“Where there is love, trust and care blossom on their own.” There’s a saying of, “If you have no faith, you did not love enough.” At the end of the day, the key to every relationship is still, love. A truly matured relationship is never a overprotective one, always keep a balance in your feelings, they should not live in extremes.

Just my two cents. t(ツ)_/¯

Cheers! ❤


  • this should wake alot overprotective guys up, including me

  • Alex – Hahah, protective is good, over-protective is not. (:

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