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For the past 10 years, social media has always been THE way for people to communicate and interact online. So, what do you normally do on social media?

For me,

i) I show loves & appreciation to those who I love.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it excites me and cheer me up when I am tagged and showed love through the social media by those who I love (especially after a rough day). Social media has the super power to convey a feeling of closeness.

ii) “Showing off” my #OOTD shot.

Admit it, thinking of what to wear and getting dressed every morning can be the hardest thing to do. & when we finally got all dressed up, we all will have those moments when we feel like showing it off to everyone with, confident. Well, nothing wrong, #loveyourself.

Who doesn’t like to be an inspirations to others?

I want to show love, inspire and give help through social media. I had always been thinking how I can do more. Then, I stumbled across Microsite of #DOMORELAH and impressed by Jaslyn Loo.

It really inspired me when I see what this young lady did. There’s many welfare homes that requires fund and help, they face range of circumstances and challenges every day. We always wanted to help; However, at our age, most of the time, our financial status wouldn’t help much.

Jaslyn had reminded me that there’s many alternatives than just supporting these welfare homes financially. For example, she make good use of the internet, created a facebook page and became a photographer for these welfare homes to help create awareness & explore more fundraising opportunities. With this, she is able to do more for these welfare homes.

I am inspired, there’s so much we can do, learn and gain with our social media influence.

I am happy to #DoMoreLah4Malaysia for ANIMALS WELFARE that needed fund to help more stray animals by blogging about the stories, efforts and sacrifices of these non-profit organization in saving the animals, to create a much needed public awareness, while channelling more funds to the cause. At the same time, reaching out to more sincere people who’s interested in adopting the rescued animals.

This is one of the non-profit organization I have been following on FB, and have always wanted to give a helping hand.

Every day, there’s opportunities to give back to the community, wherever, whenever through the social media. I hereby encourage more of you to also participate this and be. a part of the digital volunteerism community. It is true that we can help to manage some NGO’s social media platform.

Digital volunteerism starts today! Because together, we can make a difference with digital.
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