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H2O+ Beauty & Skincare Workshop

Hello, lovelies.

I am very excited to share with you on what I’ve learned from the H2O+ Beauty & Skincare Workshop recently a few Saturdays ago! I have heard a lot of positive reviews about H2O+ but never had a chance to know more about their products. Really thankful for this opportunity, big thanks to Nuffnang for this awesome arrangement.

Highlight of the day, was the Oasis Sea Foam collection, it is powered by pure water infused with H2O+ Hydrating Marine Blend. This is an oil-free collection that helps to replenish skin and protects it from moisture loss through a fast- action foam.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff from H2O+, where they later on use a skin moisture device to measure moisture and hydration level of our skin.

0-29 – Severely Dehydrated
30-40 – Dehydrated
40 & above – Ideal Moisture Level.

I got a 30; oh yes, dehydrated.

We were then ushered into the event hall.
Me at my “mini-beauty-counter”.

Here’s the daily H2O+ skin care routine.
Make up remover –> Face Oasis Sea Foam cleanser –> Face Oasis Sea Foam Toner -> Serum-> Face Oasis Sea Foam Moisturizer –> Sunblock

We are so lucky to have international speaker, Ms. Denise Gorant, H2O+ International Trainer to educate us on why moisturizing matters. As much as you wouldn’t go a day without drinking water, you shouldn’t go a day without hydrating your skin.

My definition of good skin: smooth, translucent, and fresh-looking.

Most importantly, moisturizing helps skin stay young. Nothing keeps wrinkles at bay better than keeping your skin moisturized.

She further on share with us on how H2O+ Oasis Sea Foam hydrates, nourish, and protects our skin at the H2O+ Beauty & Skincare Workshop.

The Face Oasis Sea Foam Collection has a high-speed foaming hydration effects that helps to improve skin’s water retention. The increased moisture also helps to plumps fine lines caused by dehydration.

How does it work: The airy form formulas act as a physical delivery system to help hydrating and age-preventing ingredients absorb more effectively into the skin for maximum results.

Here’s the 3 simple steps to healthy & hydrated skin:

Step 1. Face Oasis Sea Foam Cleanser

It effectively dissolves surface impurities while leaving skin soft and hydrated.

I tried it on my hand. The foam is so soft and lathers away, really love how it makes your skin feel squeaky clean without stripping skin of its natural moisture.

Step 2. Face Oasis Sea Foam Toner

It is an alcohol-free softening foam toner that helps skin maintain a healthy pH while conditioning and soothing skin.

Foam formula rapidly melts on contact to prepare skin for maximum moisture absorption.

Hydrating marine blend rapidly replenishes depleted skin with a surge of moisture.

This toner can be used two ways. Use a cotton pad and wipe across face, or dispensed directly onto fingertips and gently tapped into the skin. How convenient!

Step 3. Face Oasis Sea Foam Moisturizer

Well. Moisturizer. I’ve always had acne-prone skin, hence, I am very particular about my moisturizer. I need something that gives me enough moisture to make my skin feel quenched but without the oil to prevent unnecessary breakouts.

After cleansing and toning skin, dispense foam into palm and apply to face. I applied it on my hand instead, and massage into skin. Remember, though it looks very foamy, Do Not rinse!

The light-as-air foam based toner intensely hydrates through fast-action.

It’s so refreshing, & is not greasy at all! I am in love!

This moisturizer is great, bottom line.
This is so gonna be my next moisturizer!

Tadahhhh, introducing the Oasis 24™ Hydrating Booster.

You can wear this under your daily make up routine, while keeping your skin moisturized all day! My #annoyingbff, Adele, loves this!

I would really love to give this a try as it’s proven to be very effective in overcoming the dryness and flakiness, & help makeup goes on smoothly. If you know me personally, you will know I need this more than anyone else! This would be an amazing life saver!

Last but not least, the Total Source UV Defense Fluid SPF 50 PA+++

A lot of us didn’t like sunblock (though knowing how important it is) because we hated how greasy and sticky it is. But, this is diff, it supplies maximum protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays (especially in country like M’sia) while still feeling water-light on the skin.

H2O+ is always known as the “sea expert”.

To prove that the H2O+ Oasis Sea Foam Collection really does hydrates, nourish, and protects our skin, I did the skin moisture test again. & from 30, it increased to 40. Fwahh, I am amazed by the instant boost of moisture! Now you know you should give it a try! :D

The workshops are fully hands-on, with focus on educating us on the importance of keeping your skin moisturized, without having to commit unnecessary time to facial.

After the beauty workshop, I was given the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 session with Denise Gorant.

I asked her about my main concern; would this range of extremely hydrating product cause break out on my face? & I learned that our skin will react on a new skin care which might causes breakouts, they will need an adjustment period while flushing out the impurities in your skin (sometimes, it might be pimples popping out). But it’s fine, give it two weeks’ time, & it will be all good.

H2O+ products are all water based, & oil free. Hence, there’s no worries that it will be greasy, uncomfortable and causing more pimples.

That’s really good to know! I need that assurance to try these products out!
*fan girl mode*  

Overall, I enjoy this beauty workshop a lot!

Learned a lot, and had lots of fun trying out all the H2O+ products!

Received a series of product samples from the work shop.

Tried out most of it, and these are my favourite, will definitely consider to invest into these!

Here are all the samples and door gift that I was given during the event.

Introducing the H2O+ Hero Product – Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.

I have to say this product is H2O+ best seller for a reason. First of all, it is suitable to all skin type – which means that I don’t have to worry too much on the suitability of the product to my skin. While this oil-free gel moisture provide deep hydration to my skin, it also helps in smoothen out the fine line. Best part is, you can use it as your face mask and it works like a charm! I can really tell the difference because my makeup stay for the longest time ever after I tried this product!

Night Oasis™ Overnight Eye Complex.

I often stay up till late nights, & this eye cream hydrates my eyes without the oiliness, and effectively reduces the puffiness & fine lines around my eyes. I have to admit, I am very much amazed. Good job!

Lips Oasis™ Lip Mender.

I have rather dry lips. A lot of time, my lips got so chapped that the lipstick doesn’t look good after application. This product saved my day!

That’s all for today!

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