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Birthday ’15 ❤

Hi. This is a long overdue post.

I tuned 24, more than two months ago. I had a really blessed birthday, should’ve blog about this earlier, capturing the amazing memories. But my life has been pretty much overbooked, plus I was emotionally & physically drained. I’ve been so busy that I have not had enough time to even think.

But.. yeah, I am still here. So, all good.
I guess this is a perfect time for me to pause, reflect & give thanks.

I have to say, I am blessed with an awesome pawsome boyfriend.

For the past 3 years, he has been there to surprise me on every of my birthday. Well, he never failed, not because I am too dumb to notice, but simply because he knows me too well.

This year round, he pissed me off by not showing up on time to pick me up for dinner. I was extremely upset (obviously), & called off the birthday dinner. Called Jo to complain, she comforted me & insisted to bring me out for dinner instead together with my #annoyingbff Adele. I agreed without a second thought because I didn’t want to spend my birthday eve alone.

Jo suggest our favorite, Ishin. Nothing suspicious because we both love Japs. She missed a few turning, & kept making detour. I did not suspect anything because Jo, sort of born blur & she has always been bad with direction.

Reached Ishin after an hour;

The moment I stepped in, these are the people who popped out & caught me off guard!
These are the friends & family who I hold close to my heart.

There you go, boyfriend surprised me again.

I grown up being pampered by my family, & even my friends. But as we slowly grow up, everyone gets busy with their own things. & birthday, became the biggest reason for everyone to come together. To me, birthday no longer is just the milestones of how you are growing up, but also how people around you become. Reality is people do change, & some come & go. But those that matters, stayed, & would definitely make time for you on this special day. It’s indeed the biggest blessing to see these people take a few moments out of their busy schedule to celebrate this day with me.

Boyfriend knows exactly how much I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest thing in life like this give me the most pleasure. Being surrounded by people I love and love me, made me feel so BLESSED. I am very grateful for a dinner like this, and was overwhelmed with joy. Thank you, love!

They asked me, what do you want for your birthday?

I said nothing, I know I have been very blessed as a daughter of my heavenly father. Deep down in my heart I pray for Father God in heaven to grant my wish, for my family & friends to stay healthy & happy.

Earlier in office, I received this beautiful birthday bouquet from my #annoyingbff.

“Silver means eternity, 3 stalks of roses means I love you.”
Tough love got a little sweeter on my birthday, heh!

On my birthday, I went out for brunch with my mom & little sister.

My mom, is by far the most amazing woman I’ve known, her love for this family is everlasting. Thank you for bringing me life, & all that you have given to me over this 24 years. Believe me, I know it hasn’t been easy. I am such a spoiled kid with such bad temper, I sure know I’ve broke your heart for countless time as I grow up. Putting myself in your shoe, I don’t think I can ever handle a daughter like myself.

But, you showered me with unconditional love.
I just couldn’t be more grateful to have a mom like you, I pray that I can always make you proud!

Since young, my F A M I L Y always make me feel like the most important person in the world, especially on my birthday. For the past 23 years, they have been there to celebrate my birthday with me. No exception this year, I was flooded with heaps of love.

Not just an amazing mother, I have a very super daddy who’s really strict & never good in expressing is his love, but would silently do his best to give the best to me & my family. I know how much this man has sacrifice for us; A lil sister who is so adorably obedient & lovable; and a genius brother who can be kinda ass sometimes. haha. sill love him.

I couldn’t ask for more. All I want is to have them with me repeating for many years to come.. (:

Here’s my two gorgeous who shares the same name with me, JIAJIAs. I was a little disappointed when I don’t see them during my birthday dinner. I thought, maybe I wasn’t so important after all.

Then, they asked for a casual outing 2 weeks after my birthday.
& there, they surprised me with cake, & present.

Thank you, girls. I wasn’t expecting that at all. (‘:

Celebrated Me day. Happy 24th!

This year, I walked off path. Was lost in direction, and still searching for the right path. But along the way I have learned plenty, I know this is God’s will for me to improve and to learn.

I thank God for all the challenges that made me this person I have grown to be! I ask for strength & wisdom this year, & hopefully next year this time, I will be a better person shining in YOUR name. May the following 365 days to be filled with laughter, joy & love.

Here’s some loves from my family & friends.

Though present is no longer the main priority as I grow up. But it’s still very heart warming to receive thoughtful gift from these lovelies. (I am out at a coffee shop now, hence only post up those that is already in my camera. p.s. – I love everything I received, including those that’s not showed here.)

Thank you for pampering me like this, every year.

That’s all for now.
Next up, B I R T H D A Y retreat.

Stay tune!❤


  • Appreciation and gratitude makes you cherish live more. Fulfillment of life isnt how many things you want, is about how many things u already have ;)

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