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Macau 16th Food Festival

MACAU, not just a gambler’s heaven, it’s also a paradise for foodie (like myself).
I had Portuguese tart (葡撻) almost everyday when I was in Macau, and wished for more.

But, believe me, Macau’s food is definitely more than just Portuguese tart!

& this time, I flew all the way to MACAU just to EAT!
Big thanks to Macao Tourism for making the dream of “travel to eat” a reality!

Though it should be all about food this time, I really need to shout out on how beautiful this city is, the picturesque landscapes and stunning night lights. It has been an amazing experience to wander around this city.

Here’s the spectacular view from the Macau Tower. 7-1

While I was marveling at the panorama from the observation deck, these colorful canopies immediately caught my eyes.  I asked if there’s some huge carnival going on, and later found out that these canopies are made up of hundreds of local food merchant that aims to bring out the unique food culture in Macau!

Yes, it’s the Macau 16th Food Festival.
Location : Sai Van Lake Square (right in front of the Macau Tower)
Date: 11th to 27th November 2016

The theme of this year’s edition of the festival is “Superchef! Eat Smart – Smart Generation”, aims to introduce the idea of reducing food wastage. 1-8

The food festival is enlivened by a series of live performances, from live bands to dance performances. Life is pretty much perfect when you’re muching your fav. Macau delicacies & sipping on beer, while enjoying the music.

What to expect in Macau 16th Food Festival?
– 120 local restaurants (be ready to amused by delicious Asian, European, Mainland Chinese and local delicacies), and;
– 26 food and beverage merchants authentically from Malaysia

Yes, there’s a Malaysian Village this year!
I am a little excited to know about this (cannot control my inner Malaysian pride, haha). 1-2

& since, we are the “reporters” on board, we have the chance to interview the organizer of this great festival.
I asked, “Why is there a Malaysian Village this year?”

He smiled and replied, “Malaysian food was popular during the previous years, hence we invited our Malaysian friends to come as the main caterer this year.”1-9

Cash is not accepted, you will need to purchase vouchers to buy food.
The organizer gave us 250MOP/each to F E A S T! Hooray.

Got started with the Malaysian Village!
& was greeted by the Sarawak cultural dance.

The food offered in the Malaysian Village is very much local food from Sarawak.
There’s my fav. Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee, Kek Lapis, Sabah Ice stick, Bak kut teh, Hainan chicken rice, etc!

I was so happy when I overheard a few young local couples complimenting how unique Malaysian’s food is, and how much they love the Sarawak Laksa. It’s undeniable that we’re very lucky, living in a multiracial community, we are exposed to a lot of different cuisine, which is equally interesting & incredibly delicious in its’ own way.

One of my hongkie friends told me, “I don’t just EAT Malaysian food, it’s so good that I delight in every bite, it’s an EXPERIENCE.” Truly, there’s no better way to know Malaysia than through food. In behalf of all Malaysian, I would really want to thank Macau Food Festival for having us (Malaysian) as the main caterer, and for this MALAYSIAN VILLAGE.1-10 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4

Enough, of being Malaysian.
Next up, we’re visiting some of the stalls by the most well known restaurants in Macau!

Huge fried shrimps from Matsuzaka house 松板屋日本料理 // (30MOP).
Though it’s deep fried, it doesn’t lose it freshness & juiciness. 7-6

We were also introduced to one of the oldest & most popular Japanese restaurant’s store, Edo Japanese Restaurant (松板屋日本料理).  Fresh sashimi is always a good idea!2-6

Hi Squall, I know you couldn’t wait to put this piece of goodness into your mouth.
But wait, let me take a photo first. Haha.7-3

Macanese seems to fancy lobster a lot, there’s aplenty of lobster stores.
Among all, Lakeport Party Paradise has got the longest queue. 3-3

Look at these garlic grilled lobster, it’s orgasmic!
But the queue was too long, we have to skip this (heavy-heartedly).3-2

There goes another lobster store, 寶福軒!
Look at the huge ass lobster up there, it is telling me that I C A N N O T miss this! 3-8

“心動不如行動” – True enough, it’s way too tempting to resist.3-7

This lobster is as big as my face, NO JOKE!

But sad to say, the lobster, wasn’t as juicy & as flavorful as I thought it will be.
It was rather dry, or maybe because it looks toooooooo good, and my expectation is sky high.

Well, no regrets trying.
Better an oops than what if, haha.7-7

As we walk around, another lobster stall – King’s Lobster, caught our attention!
They serve baked lobster with cheese. Well, you can do no wrong with lobster and cheese (IMO). 6-6

We ended up ordering the Lobster rolls (90 MOP), that claims to be served with the freshest Boston Lobsters!
Succulent lobster meat soaked in butter and served on a steamed hot bun!

Every mouthful bursting with sweetness from the fresh honest to goodness lobster.
Yes, I am satisfied & happy.6-7

Tim Ho Wan – It was rather crowded too, so we thought we should skip this too.
Such lazy ass. Ugh, now I wish I had waited. 3-4

石獅美食 //

The auntie stopped us, and insisted us to try on their yellowish and milky home braised glutinous rice wine chicken soup. The fragrant is pretty strong but it was surprisingly good, I almost asked for another bowl. Haha.3-6


My fav. of the night goes to this Golden IQ glutinous rice egg (黃金IQ糯米蛋) from L’Arc Macau (澳門凱旋門). This chio looking glutinous egg was selling at only 10MOP/piece.


Salted eggggg (my favorite!) inside the glutinous rice. It’s so flavorful, friggin good, people!
Honest to goodness, this just made the best combination ever, I am in love.

Please tell me where can I find this is malaysia. T.T

How about some traditional Portuguese food from TOCA (小窩).
I was attracted by this big wok of Valenciana’ rice with seafood.


These cute looking EGG PUDDING, that tastes just as good.6-3


Some of the stalls selling frozen MUSANG KING.6-9

黃但記陳村粉 – Deep fried fresh milk bar.
Had this once in Taiwan, and have been craving for it since then.6-11

Look at these golden brown babies.
Ahh, craving fixed.  6-12

I am familiar with roasted pork, definitely my first time trying steamed pork.6-13 6-14

It’s a little different in texture wise, it’s more moist & tender.
Not a big fan of pork, but this is pretty good.6-15

I wish you’re full looking at these that I had in barely 1 hour time. Haha.
I am already stuffed to bursting. But…. there’s always room for DESSERT.

It’s CHURROS time! 2-7

Who wouldn’t love this gooey filling bread stick, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, paired with hot choc sauce?
One word to describe this churros – AMAZING!2-8

You can tell I am very happy with my churros, haha. 7-5

This pretty much concluded my food hunt!
I would love to be back for the next MACAU FOOD FESTIVAL, enough said.

Till then. Cheers.

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