simple words of yours
is enough to make the smile for the whole day.


I wore long jeans to class today. teehee.
after class, went KFC and secret recipe with Maggie.

Had, chocolate indulgence at Secret Recipe.

& then, cheesie wedges at KFC.
how many calories? you count for me. I don’t want to know.

dengggg, I feel so guilty now.

Second day of period, supposed to go out with Kevin. But,
I thought I should rest at home.
Still, I ended up at Pyramid with Chianwei, Ivan & Yeewei.

A little shopping again & Sushi King with them.

I ate again, 2 sushi & 6123862368 of green teas. *chop me*

spaghetti tops is my new love.
I know have it in red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, grey & black.

After eating, Chian wei and Yee Wei continue their shopping,
and as for Ivan and me, we are too tired to walk,
and so, we went to ADD ON to have rest our feet.


my all time favorite corner in add on.

Those people there are interesting.
Exclude Dylan Chong! ngenge.

Bumped into someone, hmm.
but I ain’t brave enough to talk to that someone. failure.

Night, went to Pyramid again.
– another one DKNY sold – *smile*

k, now. some random thoughts of mine,

a sweet gentleman, is define as
– one that is thoughtful enough to stand at your back when you’re going up on the escalator because he said you are wearing a skirt.

– a honeyed one, that give necessary compliments that you will really appreciate it.

– a sweet one, that wipe of the food scrubs that left at the side of your mouth for you.
– a tactful one, that chose out the non-fattening food for you.
– a caring one, that fetch you home and do a u-turn for you so that your home’s gate will just be at the side when you got down from the car.

– & a gentleman that do the paying job.

ok, enough of my randomness.
so yea, I went to Dragon-I with Joe for dinner. *smile*

p/s – TAN WAY SHEAN, you owe me 3 rings now!!!

p/p/s – Adidas sleek, here I come.

p/p/p/s – Thanks yeewei for the MCKY pouch! =)


  • i think Pyramid is your 2nd home,isn’t it right?
    you seems to drop by there all the time,at least once per day i think…@.@

  • yea,same with banana..
    always see u chilling in sunway..
    i been saw u in sunway last time..
    u seldom hang out at other place huh?

  • lol.. 2nd home d.. nvm.. got air cond ma.. xp

  • i thought my comment has disappeared ~

  • I can always be sweet to you.

  • this is a comment box not a place for you people to chat.

  • haha… ask blogspot why not include a chat box for us to chat leh.. ?

  • ptsk.. we should find one day and meet at mos.. muahaha…

    tonite going barcelona.. aikss.. no $$ jor..

  • Hey Gurl..Nice Blog..
    Btw..I link u up k..:)
    Take Carez..

  • thanks for the perfume…
    sorry for the late…

  • lol.. no problem… hope will hv $$ tat time a.. haha,, cherlin also come a… ask daniel belanja u.. haha

  • ELO Cherlin ! spectre is airborning into your blog XD btw Happy new year!

  • ptsk, hm… belanja cherlin sure no problem lar if she want to come.. Now i start to save $$ first.. hehee…

  • notice that ur every photo oni show ur half face,
    seem like 贞子…….
    eye big big n hair long long,
    y dun try to show all,
    also look pretty wat~~~

  • haha.. cherlin… wats ur plan for new year eve.. i might b going to barcelona.. daniel wan join ke? haha

  • hey.. its me.. hv any plans for new year eve? let me knw tru my email u_know_i_no@hotmail.com or my hp 0172731995 a..

    haha.. hope to hear form u soon.. peace

  • barcelona nice ka.. ? seems no air-cond at all 1… i wan join but u treat me… hehee… cherlin want accompany her family on that day la… u dunno meh…

  • banana, ruki – haha, yea, 2nd home d. lol.

    anon, samantha – *smile*

    orge – lol, fat face has to be cover up. =)

    ptsk, daniel tong – lol, which one to reply huh? haha..

    babay linda – link u up soon yea =)

    brianzz – it’s alright, no worries.

    spectra – haha. nice blog u have there. interesting.

  • haha.. i juz browse tru her blog oni o.. hehe.. don willy knw any of u here… i going mos esok.. u joinign??

    cherlin= haha,, jzu let daniel knw when u wan join o.. eheh.. since he belanja u ma

  • ptsk – oh ya.. saving $$ now .. haha..

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