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p.s.- 很多時候,人有時候真的不如狗般重感情。


Whiskey is finally back at baby’s house!
yes, he wasn’t before these due to some other reasons.

Despite all those, Whiskey has grown up healthily under much good care. i am really glad.
I thought Whiskey had forgotten me because I left him for so long, i am sorry that I left you this long, i didn’t want to!
i really miss you, baby boy!


i am really happy when i see he is more than excited to see me. he shake his tail happily when he saw me. awwwww! & I usually hate dogs that is this hyper, but hell, every move of him seems to be so cute that day! so yea, there’s always an exception, no?  I even make him to chase after me!! crazy!

oh yea, i had a short discussion with friends at uni the other day.
I was telling them I want a pet that is very obedient (as in don’t bite) , loyal, furry, big eyes, and etc….
yea, I always wanted to bring Whiskey back to Kampar but Whiskey is too big for me to put him in my small room. :(

classmates started to come out with all sort of brilliant ideas…

a: fish la… obedient, big eye
b: cow la… big eye, somemore can become your transporter in kampar.
c: aiya, spider la, quiet, & furry some more….
d: tortoise, tortoise, wouldn’t die so fast. easy to take care.
e: rabbit… but their poo very smelly….
f: just get an electronic dog la you!

very good. they see it as an impossible task for me to own such a pet. ugh…
but when i see Whiskey again the other day, i know he is just like what i want.


baby and I brought Whiskey for a walk at the park near baby’s place. we passed by this house with 2 really fierce dogs that cannot never stop barking. FTL, like, seriously. poor thing, Whiskey practically stopped, and started to shiver. i quickly carry him. & walked a few steps away, i thought i should go get a photo of the big bully dogs then BITCH about them to everyone. (okay, i didn’t do it)

Because, after I passed Whiskey to baby and walked back to the house, Whiskey actually ran towards me, followed me, & he barked a few times at those 2 big bullies. I was freaking shocked! @@ Whiskey was so scared, yet he stayed with me till i walked away from the house. ohhwow, i know i love him! 


I now get to see him twice a week when I got back from Kampar as baby is taking care of him.
I just realize that baby can actually be very patient, especially, towards Whiskey. hee!

this is my baby boy!



  • ur baby whiskey so leng zai!
    haha =D

  • tracy – hee! lengzai ah! :)

  • The first picture of your dog look like Bolt in the Disney’s cartoon!

  • First pict make him super cute =D
    head big big summore

  • Don’t you think it very leng zai? XD
    Btw, wishing you enjoy ur CNY break & Happy Chinese New Year to you =)

  • maybe get a hamster? should assure in a firm manner to whiskey that it’s alright with the dogs barking..that way it’s to train dogs to be more independant and be bolder..nice doggie

    btw, have a happy and prosperous Chinese new year and dont eat too much.. Gong Xi Fa Cai

  • vanessa – i didn’t realize till you mentioned it! haha!

    tianchad – lol. like those jap anime ah.

    tracy – hee. i show you people lenglui next time. :) ahh. same goes to you!!

    charles – haha. hamster not cute!!! :) hmmm. maybe he’s still young, that’s why. :) hee! thanks, Happy CNY to you too!! :)

  • love your last picture :)
    you look very very sweet !

  • Hi there^^ Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day^^ Btw did Whiskey wears contact? His eyes look green in the last pic^^

  • zues – huh?! no la. he didn’t! haha! happy cny to you too! ^^

    freda – awww. thank you!!!! :)

  • 现实的人太虚假了。

  • hee happy cny tzia=) looking great!!

  • riley- thanks! hee!!!! ^^
    Anonymous – 只要是身邊的人背叛了自己,還是失望,失望,再失望。

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