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Online Shopping Tips ft. Rakuten

I have always been a big fan of online shopping. Get it straight, I just enjoy sitting at a coffee shop enjoying my coffee while I find my size, colour, and style and then get it delivered to my door.

Besides, online shopping is:

1) Convenience: Shop 24/7. Where else can you do shopping on 12am? & EVERYTHING is in ONE PLACE; you can get different brands & product from different sellers at one place, without the hassle of searching up & down in the mall.

2) Better in Price: Definitely cheaper with all the discount coupons and rebates offered.

Today, I am going to introduce to you one of my FAVORITE online shopping siteRAKUTEN!
&, let me share with you my RAKUTEN Shopping Hacks:-

#1 Make Use of the 5x Rakuten Super Points give away

Rakuten did a superb job in launching a 5x Rakuten Super Point-back programme, where members (free sign-up) can get 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points for their purchases – everything, every day, with no limit on the amount of rebate, JUST TO drive value and fun in the shopping experience.

Check out these products, it’s easily cheaper than what you can get from the mall.
In addition, you earn a 5x points rewards in EVERYTHING you buy.

How does it work?

How do you use the earned point rewards?
1 point = RM1

E.g. – Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara – RM59.90
You get 1X RSP (Regular Points) + 4X RSP (Limited Time Points)

In conclusion, you earned 5 x 2.95 points = 14.75 points
Which is equivalent to RM14.75

It simply means the product is purchased with price of RM45.15.

Isn’t that awesome?

#2 Check Out the 20.16 New Year Sales

They are selling SofLens Daily Disposable (10 Lenses in box) for only RM33.88.
PLUS….. 20.16 Rakuten Super Points will be giving out to 101 lucky winners in this 3 days campaigns!

#3 Use the 48 Hours RaCoupon

The minimum basket size is as low as RM10.
& you will be getting a RM5 off out of that.

It’s equivalent to 50% off. Woohoo!

If you were to use the RM5 discount coupon on this Korean Modal Leggings, you will be paying only RM6.90 for this pair of leggings.

Don’t forget you will be earning the points rewards too. What a steal?!

#4 Check Out Your Fav. Store for EXTRA DISCOUNTS

I totally went crazy when I found out my fav. store, TOKI CHOI is on SALES!

YOU GET RM100 OFF RM250!!!!
Which means you get a 40% off!!

(Be sure to check out Rakuten’s store from time to time, you will be surprised!)

#5 Check Out the New Store Sales

How about a 10% off + FREE Gifts for B-liv?
It’s just like shopping in Korea.

#6 Look Out for the Special Highlight Events

This is the 1st section you need to check out whenever you enter Rakuten site to make sure that you do not missed out any PROMO & SALES!

#7 Mastercard Wednesday Surprise

On top all of the x5 Rakuten Super Points give away and all the discount coupon.
Mastercard holders are able to enjoy additional 5% discount on all purchases every Wednesday.

Example as below (taking a Samsung Note 5 as an exhibit):

Original price: RM2,699
After MasterCard 5% discount on Wed, you need only pay RM2,564, and gets RM134.95 via 5x points

Now, Wednesday is my favourite day! Hehe!

#8 Register as Member

The best are usually shared with the dearest first.
If you want to be the first to know about Rakuten’s limited promotion and sales day, do sign up to be a member!

I believe with these 8 Rakuten Shopping Tips, you are going to save a lot of money!

Happy shopping, lovelies!


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