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Chinese New Year + Valentines

Updated with more fire works photos. :)

TADAH, this is baby hershey!
i truly believe Hershey will be the most manja bitch ever, like, seriously.

okay, i shall “bitch” more about her later on.


btw, baby Hershey is my valentine present from ego king baby. *lovessss*
she is just about a month old. so tiny, to an extent that i am so afraid that i might just break her bone.

in this photo, she was actually sleeping on my lap, but i forced her up for a photo.
& that explains why she so looks so mm song. grrrrrrrrrh. hee.


lucky enough, i get to celebrate Valentine’s day with my beloved ego king baby, @ Johor.
because, so happened that both our parents’ hometown are in Johor. *big wide smile*

went on a simple date with the precious one.

added on an artificial specs on baby in this photo, because i didn’t get to have a photo of him in specs. &….


… now you guess what i got for the ego king. :)


talking bout Valentines, my baby sister received 99 roses. @@
ok, skip that, she is now hand-making valentines present for her friends.

so nice, meimei, i want to be you friend also. boleh?
so pretty, yes?


Bout Chinese New Year, i celebrated at granny’s house at Yongpeng.
there’s fire crackers, fire works, kong ming deng… etc.

There’s always fireworks marathon going on every year. I don’t have any photos, cause the careless me left the camera in baby’s car. Baby sister caught a few awesome shots, but too bad, she isn’t with me now. :(

updated: ok, i just got some of the photos from baby sister.



fire crackers.


fire works… imagine a fire works marathon going on for at least 10 mins in a small village like Yongpeng. crazy!





However, i have a photo of uncle putting up “kong ming deng“, which also known as the wishing lantern where people write their wishes on it before having it floating in the air, believing that the higher it goes, the higher the possibilities of your wishes coming true.


On the second day of CNY, attend the second wedding dinner of cousin Samson and Kath .
A rather simple one, but it’s good to have everyone sitting down together.

it isn’t an easy task. my granny has got 14 children, you see?

the girls. it’s really good to see everyone dolled up. :)
i like it.


and a photo of me and my brother.
trying hard to spam my brother’s photo in every post of mine.

there goes another excuse for me to camwhore. *wicked smile*


So many good food during CNY, “diet” shouldn’t be mentioned during this time.
mom together with a few aunties were the main cook at granny’s place during CNY.

Needless to mention, the food were superb.

Abalone, just isn’t my thing. Ok la, you can say I “mm sek yeh” or just kill me cause, honestly, I somehow find it tastes very my much like Sotong. @@!!


duck mee. this one da pao one.
one of the best in Yong peng.


i love food. i just couldn’t resist it when there’s good food place right in front of me.
that’s why my diet plan goes on years and years, never ending, and will never success. fml.

this is fried meat roll.
one of the strongly recommended must eat dish!


last but not least, i am very happy collecting ang pau right now. hahaha!
& so far, this is my favorite red pink packets, from my cousin from beijing.











  • I love your doggy so much… is so so cute~

  • Hi Tziaaa,

    the puppy is soooooooooooooooo adorable!! I want I want! You are so lucky

  • hey,i got a same doggy also. a month old too..
    lolx,get shock when i see it..
    btw,may i know where u get it?
    heh.. =)

  • jeffrey – hee. she’s very bitchy worr.

    charles – thanksss!! haha. go get one!!! ^^

    ruki – like. seriously??!! where you got it?

  • serious la..
    the dog we having born it geh..
    they born on 1/1/2010 la..total got 3 of it..
    now left 1 only… LOL

  • 新年,还未祝妳快乐。

    所以,新年快乐,要快快乐乐,健健康康。 :)

  • ruki – photos photos photos!!! hee..

    离 – same goes to you, happy CNY. and may you be blessed. :)

  • ohhh.okay..
    will post into FB.. LOL

  • oh my goodness. that kong ming light has the same exact writings on the one that flew to my house during cny. lol, technically which means that it might possibly be the exact same one your uncle lighted. O_O?

  • hey, are you bringing it to Kampar?

  • ruki – tell me when you posted it up.

    bell – lol. srsly? i dont know, i wasn’t there when they lighted it up. my sis took the photos. :)

    john – most probably.

  • SHIH TZUUU?? hahaa bring come Jingle become her kai-grandmother :)

  • d post up lor..
    tag u…

  • ruki – saw, your doggie mouth longer de o. :) cute!

    shinyee – faster faster, we plan a dog date day! hee!! :)

  • the meat roll is so yummy =P
    and your baby is just so sweet :)

  • freda- that’s my fav!! lovessssss!

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