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Went out with baby today, together with Hershey. She was sleeping in her bed comfortably enjoying the full blast air cond in the car, she loves it a lot. & i took this photo of her while she’s sleeping with a chewy in her mouth, i thought she looks really cute.

when Hershey walks, her butt move from right to left, & from left to right.
my sister call her “YAO PI KU”, the butt shaker.

but, i think she looks more like a FAT BALL. she eats so much!
oh, spot the new pink polka dots collar i got for FAT BALL hershey. :)


Back to yesterday..

6.30a.m. – woke up
7.30a.m. – reached KLIA Airport.
8.30a.m. – sent auntie and cousins off. they are going back to Taiwan.
10.30a.m. – had brunch with baby. I STILL DON’T LIKE NANDO’S.
11.30a.m. – met up with the TB1s. (Maggie, Weyherng, Vingent, &  Ian)

Reached, & Vingent felt “vertically challenged“, because I was wearing a 4 inch wedges, while Maggie a 3 inches wedges. LOL. also, we tall people got call the traitor, cause weyherng felt betrayed cause she was wearing a pair of sport shoe. ^^


We were basically a bunch of EAT-TO-LIVE human. So, our first destination in every gathering will be a restaurant, this time too. DOME, we chose.

i wish it’s sweeter though. I sense DIABETES getting nearer and nearer to me.


the wallet severely injured’s, Vingent’s one. SQUASHED FROG. RM14.50
he claimed that he almost got an heart attack when he saw the price of the mineral water which costs RM8. haha.

i had insomnia the night before and wasn’t feeling really good, but i smile, when he starts his usual AH BENG’s talk.
humor yet not irritating, perfect.


things got even funnier, when his FROG got SQUASHED.
as in… he accidentally spilled his drink.

wahwwuuuwuuuu, this is about rm9 portion, and it’s now gone. I want my froggie back!!
he actually stared at the spilled drink for more than 2 minutes till the waitress came to clear up. haha.


however, he got delighted right after the waitress replaced him with a new cup of beverage.
he didn’t want to let it go this time, so afraid that it’s going to topple, again.


we spent much time gossiping and chitchatting about our very own uni life. we were now all in different courses, and we were all missing the awesome old time we had in TB1.

i will be missing every single bits of TB1. the nerd day, especially.

had splendid moments catching up with those people. i was totally being myself when I am with this bunch of people. feels really good being so. care free, totally!

we then walked around to get “rice’s” present. but he just doesn’t have the luck to get pretty stuff.
it’s fated, maggie said.

we were such a big eater, we all agreed to go for the second round of food hunting when Maggie said she feels like eating ZEN’s Creme Brulee. @@

She’s now satisfied.
oh, that’s Maggie with the camera shy Leanne beside her.


Ian gave me this type of fml expression when I told him i would like to have a photo of him with his Chocolate cheese cake.


baby is pretty well trained. he gave me a satisfying respond when I request for a photo! hee!


& lastly, your truly with her all time favorite, MUSHROOM SOUP. :)


Before we parted, we took a group photo.
all the awesome people.


After that, Baby fetched Leanne back to SS2, and from PEEJAY baby allowed me to drive his car to fetch Maggie back to Klang with him sitting beside me. & the good news is everyone SURVIVED, and reached Klang safely!

I am an awesome driver! muahhhh!


    I miss you people also lah, with the lot of you so far away at Kampar and all. *wipes imaginary tears*

    And god do I look short. I feel short too. guh.

    NANDO’S FTW! (:

  • LOL the frog!! omg haha
    and other than the mineral water part there was also the nasi lemak that costs RM19.90 XD~!
    hey i took that pic with u n the soup right? =D
    btw ur baby hershey is just too adorable *.*
    I’m envious… o.o
    looking forward to meeting up with everyone again! >_<”
    next time you should come my house since you often travel to klang now =P

  • weyherng – haha. yesh yesh. we should meet up again soon! :) yyerrrrrrrrr, i dont like nando’s!

    Magie – haha. that’s his ah beng-ness. yea la, credits to you! ok, next time i go to your house together with Hershey!

  • Your baby is hot.

  • jules – thank you. :)

  • as usual, hee , very cute loh you :)
    stay pretty okay =)

  • hey! may i ask you what type of breed is your baby hershey? :D it’s reaaaaally cute :):):)

  • freda – haha. as usual, thanksssssssss! :) ^^

    passerby – it’s a shih tzu! thanks, she’s naughty!!

  • imma= i am gonna

    It doesn’t really go with some of your sentences. Sorry but someone has to do it =)

  • louisa – hey. thanks for correcting me! :)

  • OMY..the puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

  • charles – hee! yea yea, she’s adorable! :) thank you! :)

  • its spelt as brunch….its something u have between breakfast and lunch….

    breakfast + lunch = brunch….

  • mc – thanks!! typo, edited!

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