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#8 Enjoy the Chef’s selection at Cucina Vivo, Jupiters Hotel & Casino

Address: Gold Coat Hwy & Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia
Opening Hours: Daily from 5.30pm; Lunch on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm

Cucina Vivo, is an Amalfi Coast inspired Italian restaurant, at Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast; which is also crowded as the best new restaurant on the Gold Coast. I absolutely love the contemporary white marble & gold themed design, coupled with oversized pendent light, very classy.
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We were welcomed & greeted by the manager who has fabulous Italian accents. I really like him, he’s so friendly & attentive! The A+ services makes me love the place even before the food is served!

The whole restaurant is surrounding a open kitchen with a two metered long wood fired oven in the middle, with Jupiters’ own pizzaiolo cooking delicious pizzas. You can also opt for a sit at the balcony, enjoy the dazzling view of the newly renovated pool. (It was winter, so we chose to sit at the inside. :D)
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The ladies, looking all gorgeous that night. We had a very “entertaining” conversation going on over the dinner (it all started with Vanessa asking about our fav. celebrity), we were chatting away as if we’d known each other for years. Cucina Vivo would be a perfect place to have fun lil conversation with a glass of wine.
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Okay, F O O D now. We’ve heard Cucina Vivo’s service is good, but the food is better!
(p.s. – the chef, Entwine, has cooked for Obama.)

We were desperate to try it out! & lucky us didn’t have to crack our brain and think what to order, because we will be enjoying the Chef’s selection (basically the best of Cucina Vivo!)

THE BEST – Gamberoni Spadellati
Brandy flamed king prawns, garlic, chopped cherry tomatoes with Italian parsley.

The freshness of the king prawn is indescribable, it’s so DARN good! & the richly flavored sauce got me licking my fingers until all the sauce was gone after peeling the prawns! Oh yes, it is really that good!

Polpette al Sugo
Oven braised wagyu beef meatballs.

I am not a beef eater! But I assume this to be extremely good because it was finished up in a few mins.
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From top right to bottom left:

Petto di Pollo
Perfectly cooked chicken breast, complimented so well with the braised forest mushroom, charred figs.

Salmon Basso Cottura
Beautifully poached piece of salmon, coupled with tomato ragout, & asparagus insalata. Such simple salmon recipe, yet it’s unbelievably flavorful, and delicious! Well, is it just me or everything that cook with tomato ragout will always be good. :D

Tortelloni Ripieni
Sweet crab meat wrapped in Tortellini (ring-shaped pasta), ricotta and lemon zest on green pea puree. It didn’t looks too good to me, but I changed my mind after my first bite.

Filetto di Manzo
180g of 100 day grain fed char-grilled tenderloin, with heirloom carrots & farro. Again, I do not fancy beef. But the girls think this is really good too. It got all the love.
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Cioccolato Rosso Ferrari
This is their signature dessert, their best sweet. Ferrari red chocolate sphere, filled with pistachio crostata, & stracciatella ice cream; with grappa infused chocolate sauce overflowing on the top.

You got to cracked the sphere to have a taste of the hidden gem in it. They say it’s a little too sweet, but I think it’s perfectly fine for me! I love it, & would happily go back for this!

Please visit Cucina Vivo in behalf of me if you are visiting Goldcoast. :)

#9 Morning Coffee at Bumbles Cafe, Budds Beach

Though the breakfast is QT is amazingly good, but Vanessa thought we should try something else this time. We took a 10mins walk to Bumbles Cafe, located at river drive, Budds Beach.

Alfresco dining, overlooking the river.
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“Bumbles cafe is many things to many people.”
Looking at the interior, you would have guessed that BUMBLES has got alot to tell.

There’s 4 beautifully reno rooms, with different themes which is equally vibrant & interesting. The interior made me felt like home; how it is surrounded by fresh flowers, comfy pillows, & story telling polaroids.
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The library room, picture perfect pretty.
Honestly, I got really caught up with the decor.
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4 (13)

My cup of L A T T E.
Not amazing, but decent.
4 (15)

It was my favorite monday.
All the troubles are drown in coffee.
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I ordered the bircher with fresh fruit, yogurt and glorious bumbles honey on the top right.
Definitely one of the best muesli I had. The freshness of the fruits & yogurt won it all.
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#10 Escape to Dreamworld. & feel like a kid again!

Address: Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Open 7 days a week)
Phone: +61 7 5588 1111

“Dreamworld is a large theme park situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is Australia’s largest theme park with over 40 rides and attractions including five roller coasters.”
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How to get there? Click here.
How much is the entrance ticket? Click here.

The #MustDoRides in Dreamland:

The Big 9 Thrill Rides (Buzzsaw, The Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, Pandamonium, Tail Spin, The Claw, Cyclone, The Giant Drop, Tower of Terror II, Wipe Out). You wouldn’t want to miss these if you are looking for that chill, & that high! These rides will bring your adrenaline rush to a brand new level!
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If you are a faint-hearted like me, you can opt for a more relaxed journey in Dreamland. After all, Dreamworld has from the tallest and fastest thrill rides to live interactive shows & wild animal attractions, there’s something for everyone at Dreamworlds.

Other TO-DO(s) in Dreamworld:-

– Drown yourself in the fairyland, The Fairytale Treasures.
5 (2)

Like, getting yourself a princess make-over? Haha.
5 (3)

– Okay, or maybe, try out the family-friendly rides! These are definitely safer.
Thunder River Rapid.
5 (4)

– Eat Pizzas & Chips at Dough Bro. Pizzeria

I have totally underestimated how big these 18inches pizza can be. At the same time, I am very much amazed that theme park’s food can be this good, the quality ingredients (pineapple, canadian bacons, green peppers, cheese, etc) is absolutely savory!
5 (6)

– Cuddle a KOALA

This felt so unreal. I am carrying a K O A L A!
It’s like a baby holding onto me, and it smells so good!

(p.s. – These koalas are only allowed to work 8hrs/week, because they usually spend 18 to 22 hours sleeping.)
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– & Take some interesting photos
5 (9)

10) Watch sunrise over Queensland on the Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast
Phone: 1300 766 887

Woke up on 4am, & leave for Canungra & our hot air balloon ride!
The bright flame, the break of dawn.
5 (13)

That breathtaking picturesque landscape at sunrise.
5 (13b)

Up, up & away!

I am on a once in a life time romantic adventure, floating peacefully above the scenic rim of hinterland, & experience the awe-inspiring panoramic view at sunrise on the world’s oldest and most romantic form of flight.

Despite waking up really early in the morning, it was all worth it.
Everything feels so surreal and dream-like! I couldn’t believe that it’s actually happening!
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I am flying with Australia’s biggest and most experienced ballooning company with a great team of pilots, expert, knowledgeable & great guys who are guiding our balloon. & This cute guy here is our pilot, thank you for the safe and pleasant journey from beginning to end.
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Well, it was a crash landing! But it was FUN! Hahaha, seriously all of us were screaming and laughing when the basket flip over (safely). I have to say the pilot is truly well trained in order to maximize our enjoyment! Not a perfect landing, but definitely a superb experience!
5 (17)

E n c h a n t e d.
I love every bit on this experience!
5 (18)

5 (19)

Oh yes, we all love the crew!
They are extremely enthusiastic & entertaining!
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Afterward we were all treated to champagne & a freshly prepared breakfast, at O’Reillys Canungra Grand Homestead & Vineyard. – “The vineyard is owned and operated by the O’Reilly family, famous for providing legendary hospitality in the area for over 80 years.

Address: 852 Lamington National Park Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5543 4011
Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
6 (1)

The breakfast buffet serve plenty of hot food, and freshly squeezed juice.
Freeflow of Bubbly Champagne // Bacons // Fruits w/ Fresh Yogurts // Cereals w/ Fresh Milk
6 (2)

Rounding off this heavenly trip with a gastronomic champagne breakfast! It is such an indulgence!
The croissant is as good as the one from YEAST! ( I am craving for it now! T.T)
6 (3)

Such beautiful setting for a long breakfast. Enjoy the hot food, taste the champagne, simply relax & take comfort of the crisp cool weather. What could be better!
6 (4)

Jumping for joy! Happy girls!
6 (5)

I certainly do not mind waking up to this every morning!
6 (6)

Lingered around after breakfast, and wish we could stay longer at this beautiful property.
Felt so close to nature, spotting turtles & goat! #SoSuaku, haha.
6 (8)

Feeling so small in this big big world!
I got to keep going, & keep exploring this beautiful creation of God.
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Hot Air Balloon Ride + Champagne Breakfast Price: From $250 onwards

Free Wifi on coach transfers from all Gold Coast accommodation
Spectacular Hot Air Balloon ride
Return Air Conditioned Coach Transfers
Full Hot Breakfast and Champagne
O’Reilly’s Grand Homestead and Vineyard visit
Commemorative Certificate
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Well, I am really glad to be able to tick hot air balloon ride off my bucket list. & this basically mark the end of my #Goldcoast vacation.

Next up, B R I S B A N E.

Stay Tune! ♥

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