bits & pieces



meemomax. :(


p.s. – will be back with a proper post real soon.


  • The puppy is cute! Take care!

  • don’t emo. *hugssss* =)
    wish hershey get well soon !

  • tianchad – thanks! :(

    freda – so many things happened. :( thanks, anyway,

  • How was your doggy? getting better?

  • jeffrey – bringing hershey to vet. :( but, she seems to be much better now.

  • may i know what breed is that!?!! uber cute

  • steph k – it’s shihtzu. she’s extremely playful when she’s healthy.

  • yeayea!.. i played with my fren’s once and totally fall in love it’s noti-ness

  • steph k – it’s cute but not when you trying to sleep. haha.

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